Friday, January 30, 2015

What I have learned Thursdays… I should read my blog more.

I used to do a series here on my blog called; “What I have learned Thursdays.”  I miss that series.  I am going to start doing it more.  I am not committing to every Thursday, but I am going to try hard to do it as often as I can.

This series is about sharing all the little things that I learn while on life’s journey.

I wanted to share something I have learned that has made such an impression on me. 

Over New Year’s weekend, I somehow started reading some posts from my blog; again.

I randomly went through reading posts that were from the years past.  I bet I read about 50 posts.

What it taught me?

It reminded me that I am blessed.  That I have been given so many blessings along the way.  I’m thankful I wrote them down so I could remember some of them.

I read some stories that I had forgotten about.  I am so thankful I have them recorded.  This post shares a story about Tess in it that brought me to tears.  I was happy to have that brought back to my memory.

Tess copy

Reading my blog reminded me that I do more as a mom then I think, and I need to give myself more credit.  It also reminded me that I have simplified life some.  I think that is for the better, but I also wish I could do all that I used too.  Our busy life doesn’t warrant that now; and that’s ok. 


I also had to laugh at how I used to count my days in 20 minute increments.  Now my 20 minutes are spent doing different things.  I think I take life 1 minute at a time now.  These older kids tend to keep me on my toes.  Instead of sitting around nursing babies and changing diapers, I am running kids to and fro, and mentally trying to remember every detail of 6 peoples lives.  Oh, how quickly life changes.


It reminded me that those days of medical school, residency, and those 4 small kids were such a good time.  I wish I would have cherished them more.  You know how everyone tells you they go fast?  Well they do.  I am thankful I wrote down some of the things I was grateful for; especially during a time when we lived far away from family and our children were so little, and I was growing so much as a person.


I am also so grateful that photos are important to me.  Sometimes the photos say more than the words.  Taking pictures can really take effort sometimes.  I am grateful I made the time, and sometimes the days that I kept it simple or just recorded the little daily moments; are the images that came out speaking the loudest.

New Years Eve My Camera-180

Tess and Ike jumping on the bed-14

Spring Break Fun-29

I enjoyed reading this post about my deep sadness that my baby days are over.  It is fun to think back to the time of bringing home a newborn, and realize that even now I feel that same twinge of sadness.  Then I remember how good life is to now be raising those babies; and I’m ok again.


I love how reading those words make me want to vow to treasure the little things all over again; just like I did that day I wrote the post.

Family Pictures 2014-7729

Sometimes when I re-read my blog, I answer my own questions.  My own words can even help me with my own self-improvement.  Many times I read ideas that helped me previously that I had forgotten all about.

For example: This year one of my new year’s resolutions is to judge less. Especially judge my own immediate family less. I found a post with this great story that I had linked to earlier.  It reminded me of the effects of passing judgments; especially to our immediate family members.  Hmmmm.  Just what I was wanting to work on.  Amazing how words from 5 years ago can help me now.Stella's Baptism day-1665

I stumbled upon these words that I wrote about Isaac when he was 3; they are helping me to understand Isaac know.  This is something I have been working on.

I wrote on Dec. 15, 2010: “Right now, I am enjoying Isaac so much.  Even when he throws fits with the best of them, I have begun to understand that he is animated in all he does.  His fits are over the top, but that just means his love, smiles, and excitement are too.”

Three 3

Even now, at age 7, I can be reminded that he is animated in all he does.  That is just who he has always been.  It helps me when making decisions for discipline and my own reactions to situations.

This is our life

This year I wanted to remember to apply one of my 10 mother’s little secrets; calm equals power.  Then I stumbled on this quote here on my blog:

“Avoid rush and haste and uncontrolled words.  Divine light develops in places of peace and quiet.” Elder Bushe

Even more reason to calm down.

House at night for Christmas-0231

I enjoyed reading and remembering about those times in my life that defined who I am today.  Reflecting upon that only helps solidify who I am still becoming.


Reading about our traditions reminds me why I do them.  I have always thought that traditions are the glue in any family.

House at night for Christmas-0200 

House at night for Christmas-0209

I enjoyed most reading some of my most sacred posts about motherhood.  They each reminded me that I am a daughter of God, and his gift to me are these children.


These sacred posts taught me about sacrifice, happiness, some of my best days as a mother, some of my hardest days as a mother, and why I am the best mom for the job of raising my 4 littles.



That you know.

It’s time to write. 

Write a blog.

Write in a notebook. 

Write on an index card. 

Write on a sticky note. 

I promise you that you will never ever regret having your own words in a safe place.  They will teach more than you know.

Oh, and passing the habit along to your children; is a great idea too…

Thankful Tree-0313

…and that’s what I have learned.


Tara said...

What a sweet walk down memory/learning lane - I love that you keep blogging and keep taking pictures! Thanks for the reminder to keep all those memories we're busy making!

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