Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why I write to my kids.

A few years back I started writing to my kids via a journal.

 photo TheImportanceofWriting-0188_zps42f6b508.jpg

They each have their own journal.

When I write to them, and I don’t do it often enough; I leave the journal on their bed.

Then they can write back to me and they leave it on my bed.

I hope this journal serves as a safe place for our children to share any problems or concerns that they may have; a place to share openly and freely.

I also hope that it will be a place to look back, and reflect, and realize how much I love them.

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What I didn’t realize is how much strength it would give me.

What I didn’t realize is how it could help me realize that my kids do love me and how they do realize how I try to serve them.

That’s what we as mothers do; we serve our kids.  Often times that goes unnoticed.

How wonderful it is to have kind note from your kids.

Sometimes those words help you realize that what you are doing is important.

These words have been such a gift to me:

 photo TheImportanceofWriting-0191_zps0d03b09d.jpg

Everything is great! I love you and think that you are so great a being a mom.

*you blog

*you cook

*you know style

How could every kid not love you?

I hope your arm gets better and the doctors in SLC can figure it out.

                                                           Love, Jex

Reading the words, “How could every kid not love you?”, made my day.

Reading “you know style”, made me laugh. (he recently realized that he values my opinion when it comes to fashion and hairstyles; which makes me feel good that my tweenager values my opinion.)

Reading “I hope your arm gets better and the doctors in SLC can figure it out”, makes me proud that I am raising a boy who cares and shows concern for others.

This little thing of writing to my kids taught me so much about being a mother.


So I have a resolution to write more, mostly for my kids; but also for myself.


Pam said...

Love those sweet kids and they are right you are a great mom!

Tiffany said...

"You know style". Haha, love that! What a sweet boy. My oldest is the only one who knows how to read right now, but I love this idea.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea. I hope I can write to my children this way when I become a mommy!

KW said...

I'm hoping to do this with my kids as well. What a great idea!

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