Tuesday, January 13, 2015


One of my New Years Resolutions is to use my camera more.  When I say use my camera, I don’t mean snap things with my phone. 

I love having for my phone for those quick moment shots, but because of it, I feel like I don’t use my big girl camera as much as I would like to or should.

As I was making my list of resolutions, I tried to make a plan to carry out each goal.

I can’t believe that I am going to say this, but in order to carry out my camera resolution; I am going to take a picture a day for 365 days.

This is easy to do when your doing it with your iphone; but I’m going to do it with my big camera.  Your iphone is typically always in your back pocket.  I want to get back in the habit of taking pictures of the everyday moments and great events.  I used to take my camera everywhere. 

My purpose:

1) to sharpen my camera skills

2) to capture more of the little moments with the camera that I love

I did this once before.  I will admit that it was one of the harder goals I completed; but I did it.

I even devoted a whole blog to it.  I started the project in April of 2010 and finished in April of 2011.

Check out my previous project 365 blog if you like.

This time around I am so excited to start this at the beginning of a new year.

Instead of making it a big deal and devoting a blog to it, I’m going to share the photos here every now and again.  I’m hoping once a week to every 10 days.

Last time, I spent a lot of time editing and putting a frame and date around each picture.  This time I’m keeping it simple; in order to keep up with this goal.

So without further ado, here is the beginning to my Project 365-2015:

January 1, 2015: Happy New Year with Bed Head and all.

 photo Project3652015-0159_zps90e4aee4.jpg

January 2, 2015: Welcome Baby Cade.  Visiting my new nephew at the hospital.  He is just hours old.

 photo BabyCadeBirthDay-0037_zps037635da.jpg

January 3, 2015: A shopping day at IKEA with my sister Kristin.  I have a wall collage project on my hands.

 photo Project3652015-0186_zps71464e93.jpg

January 4, 2015: A little 3 day old photoshoot with baby Cade. OK, and maybe lots of snuggling.

 photo Cade3daysold-0107_zps4ba97d8f.jpg

January 5, 2015: Taking it all down, goodbye pretty glass bulbs.

 photo Project3652015-0154_zps8e98bb02.jpg

January 6, 2015:  The ornaments are taken off, and now I just have this sad tree to stare at.

 photo Project3652015-0169_zps56d0aab1.jpg

January 7, 2015: Yes!! I’m still taking the Christmas stuff down.

 photo Project3652015-0162_zpsd9a32e30.jpg

January 8, 2015: One of my resolutions is to cook more.  The crockpot is a must when you are a busy mom.

 photo Project3652015-0182_zpsac4ea3b6.jpg

January 9, 2015:  Stupid Inversion.  Go away, your super depressing.

 photo Project3652015-0184_zps4093e96f.jpg


Letti said...

I love this idea! Your blog is one that I look forward to the most but I am not always good at leaving comments. I want to be better at that.

Stella said...

I am so happy to read that you are doing project 365 again. I followed your previous 365 project and loved it. I am a fan! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. One day I will own a nice camera. It will be on my Christmas wish list or maybe I will come into money! Lol. I can't wait to see more of your year!

Michaela Anne said...

I love this. I tried last year to capture a moment everyday (on my iphone), I lasted 2 weeks (i think). Kudos to you!!

KW said...

Great resolution! Keep it up!

Michelle said...

Awesome! I love it already, and look forward to more.

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