Thursday, February 11, 2010

{Top Five}

... things I am grateful for today.

1.God's Beauty {Sunrise @ 6:45am)



These are my bushes.  Isn't it amazing how green and beautiful they are despite the frigid temps?  I believe that Icicles are Snow's accessories.  Everything needs a little bling. 

Are we taking the time to notice the beauty that is all around us?

2.  Exercise

I love waking up and getting my exercise done.  There is nothing better than feeling the stretch of each muscle.  Pilates is good for my soul.  I enjoy my time all to myself.  I listen to music, and enjoy my own little quiet moments.

3.  Speaking of Quiet Moments that is #3.

With four small children any mother would love her time to just think all on her own.  I steal that time in the morning while I exercise, while I am in the shower, and then again in the evening when I am nursing Tessa to sleep.  I think about so many random things, but I believe this is when I do my best thinking. I am reminded of my blessings, and this is also when I receive personal revelation.

My husband wrote a poem several years ago all about Quiet Moments.  I wanted to share with you:

Quiet Moments

In the quiet moments when the air is clear

and our minds are prepared to be taught,

I think of events from the archives of life

and the tears and joy that they’ve brought.

In the quiet moments when the Spirit is warm

and the love of the Father is felt,

I think of my friendship with the Savior of man

and my heart begins to melt.

In the quiet moments we hear a soft whisper

that brings peace, and light, and love.

A tear comes to my eye, and I don’t know why

I’m so richly blessed from above.

The goal of our lives is to become like Him,

yet the journey can seem so long.

But in the quiet moments we hear the Spirit say,

“You can make it… have faith and be strong!”

By Jonathan Swenson

Summer 1999

Isn't he adorable?  I love this man.  I just had to share how amazing he is, and how insightful his words are.

4.  Listening to my kids

They are hilarious, innocent and so sweet.

Today, I asked Isaac when he was going to be potty trained.  He said, "Tuesday."

When you ask Isaac what his name is, he says, "Isaac."  When I ask, "Isaac what....?"  He replies, "Isaac Jexy's Brother." 

He has just realized what it means to be a family.  What ever is going on, he will ask about each family member.  It is so adorable.

The other day I was asking Jex about a situation that had happened at his school to a classmate and how he would handle it if it happened to him. 

I said, "What would you say if a girl had said something like that to you?"  for example, She walked up to you and said, "My mom lets me date, so I would like to take you on a date and kiss you." (I know... can you believe they are talking about this in 1st grade?)  Anyway, he responded, "I would say; I can't date until I am 16, so I will give you a call then."  

I love that boy.  I just gave him a big hug and reminded him how special he is.  It was also a good reminder to me that by giving our kids guidelines and open communication it helps them to make the right decision on their own.

Stella came to me the other night with tears in her eyes.  She said, "We are all growing up too fast, pretty soon we will not be little anymore and we will not live with each other."  Pretty perceptive for a little girl. 

She cried and cried.  I think it broke her heart to think that her life would not always be like this.  That someday each of her siblings would grow up and move away, including herself. 

So... I made her pinky swear that she would marry someone that would let her live next door.  Then I told her, "We will kick our husbands out of our bed once a week and have a mommy-daughter sleepover."  ...and then she smiled.

5.  Re-purposing

I am really in to taking what I have and re-using it in some other way, or buying from a thrift store to re-purpose and re-use.  I have so many people who ask me where I shop for my kids clothes. 

Well here is my secret:  Hand-me-downs from friends, thrift stores, or I make it.  I never pay full price, and hardly ever shop at fancy children stores.  However, my kids clothes are almost all name-brand. (not that it matters)

Look what I found today @ our local Goodwill:

Thrift Store Finds

Total cost:  $20.80 for 12 items.  WOW!!!

Those 2 white shirts in the back are 4 Stella.  I am planning on putting a transfer on them. 

Isn't the Jean jacket shrug soooo Cute? 

Most of my finds were for Stella today. 

I did find the adorable red wool coat for Tessa, and matching sweater and hat.  The red dress was free because Yellow tags were buy one get one free today. 

The flip flops are brand new for me. 

Isaac had to have some camo pants like his daddy, and Jex needs a new swimsuit. 

I love the thought of using all of this again so these perfectly good clothes don't go to waste.  Imagine if we all threw away every article of clothing that was still in good condition.  What a waste that would be.

Tip:  I wash all articles twice, and then dry what I can on high heat.

Have you checked out your local thrift stores lately?

I am grateful for so many things. 

Today it was important for me to record them.



Alison said...

You're luck you have good thrift stores to shop in there. I also like to get clothes at thrift stores but they are soooo lame here. They were awesome in Seattle when we lived there as students and I shopped them a lot.

Pam said...

Even kids are realizing how fast time if flying by!! Poor Stella!

Christal said... sure pays to be thankful! :) And, you know, thrifting is one of my favorite things to do (learned it from my grandma, so I'll always love it :)) Miss you!!!

Jacque said...

Which thrift store do you go to? And next time you go, can you take me because I am not very good at them.

Tara said...

So nice to enjoy those quiet moments and remember the blessings! I love the little kid-isms -- Stella is so precious!

Alaina and Mitchell said...

I just love your blog!

I love thrifting: we grew up doing that and finding great stuff! It's the best! Sadly, the only thrift store here is D.I., which is really picked over because of all the Mormon students who know how to sew and repurpose....usually nothing good can be found! Except...
I found a sewing machine there!! For $25!! Mitch and I decided it's a YES!! So, I can't wait to get started!

Krysta said...

Great finds! Jonathan is so good with words. Sweet Stella. She brought back memories for me. I remember having the same kind of talk with my mom when I was about her age. I cried and cried. She is getting a grasp on time and how life works. You are such a cute mom. I love what you told her. :)

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