Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tonight is your last chance...

Don't forget that your Crock-pot recipes have to be in by tonight. 

They must be in my inbox by the time I wake up in the morning.

Watch out for the top 3 on Monday.

Thanks to all who have participated thus far.

I went out and bought a new Crock-pot and I can't wait to use it.

Remember the winner gets another version of this really cute scarf:


Sweet Dreams and Crock-pot wishes.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Where do you get your fabric?

Of course I am a lover of Amy Butler, and Heather Bailey.  I so wish I could afford a piece of every style... but I can't.

"Sew" when I am in the mood to Sew(and can't afford my favorites), I rummage through my closet, the thrift store, or my MIL's stash.

This week, I made a skirt and a dress from a shirt of mine.

This was the shirt.shirt

Here is the dress:

Storyboard Green Dress

and the back:


I wish I could tell you how I did it, but I can't.

This was a complete experiment.  I basically cut along all the seams.  Placed it on Stella, and used pins to mark where I needed to sew.  I used the extra fabric for the ties in the back.  Top of Dress

Then I used the sleeves for this little diddy:skirt

The sleeves already had a gather around them.  I cut apart the seam, and sewed the two together.  That is the top of the skirt.  Then I made one more out of the rest of the sleeve.


I then sewed the skirt on to a pair of pants that were to short.  I cut them off just above the legs, and then added the skirt.


Once I finished, I added a few embellishments, and had a few small scraps left from my shirt.  I basically used every scrap.

Doesn't she look like a babe?

Tessa Babe

I have also been making some baby legs.  I found some adult socks on clearance at Target.  Tessa has more baby legs then one could ever wear.

I am all about the accessories.

Baby Legs

Remember to shop your closet for fabric.  There may be something in there that you could use to make another item.

Like a sweater that would make fabulous pillows.

For example:  I have a skirt that I am going to make pillows out of.

Here are 3 tutorials:

Baby Boy Gown out of Fathers T-shirt

Girls dress out of mother's t-shirt

Baby Legs

P.S.  These  Robins have been in our yard all week.  In the morning, and then again at dinner.  Like 8-10 at a time. It is so fun bird watching.

 Robin 2



Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sweet Child

Four Months

123 Days

2,952 Hours

177,120 Minutes

You have graced our life, and we are all absolutely crazy about you.

From this moment on the minutes need to slow down.

At Four months:

You are reaching for toys

Smiling, laughing and cooing

You sing when you are tired

You constantly have your hands in your mouth

Tessa 5

You pout when too many people are looking at you

You sleep 12 hours at night

You put yourself to sleep

You adore your blankie

Tessa 1

You love to nurse

You love to watch your mobile


You are crazy about your dad

Stella makes your eyes light up

Jex makes your legs kick

Isaac can always make you smile

Isaac Tess Laugh

You move your head in every direction looking for me when you hear my voice.

I think that you might love us as much as we love you

Isaac and Tess

Because I am your mother and I spend every waking minute with you; I think about and delight in so many of the wonders that make you who you are.(believe me you are on my mind a lot, I am smitten with you in more ways then one)

I absolutely love:

feeling your cheek next to mine.

seeing your smile when you notice me come in to your room

smelling your sweet breath

Tessa 3 

feeling your deep shallow breaths as I hold you

kissing you on your neck, ears and chubby cheeks

It makes me smile:

when I see your adorable chubby legs

when you act like this meal is going to be your last

when you you pucker your lips together in concentration

 Tessa Crib

I must say I am 100% CRAZY about you.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dreaming, and Scheming and wouldn't you know... {Oh and a GIVEAWAY.}


I have been dreaming about a fun way to give something away, and scheming about a way to get some new recipes.

You see... I need some more crock pot recipes.

I have my "hands full" if you hadn't heard.  Crock pot is about all I can handle. 

Really it makes my life so much easier, but I am running out of ideas.

So I was laying in bed dreaming up this idea, and coming up with my master plan.

"I know!", I said to myself.

I will give a shout out to all my blogger friends. 


.. and then I schemed up a way to get you to do it.

I said to myself again(yes, I talk to myself a lot.)

"Self, have them email recipes.  Then try them out, pick the best one, and send the winner something."

I replied, "Great idea, self!" Then I gave myself a pat on the back, and drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I opened my silverware drawer.  It somehow caught the lid of my crock pot that was in my cupboard below.  The cute little pot that I have owned for eleven years did a somersault and didn't survive my tile floor.DSC_0001

BOO HOO.  Wouldn't you know on the day that I schemed up my plan for new recipes.

So give me an excuse to buy myself a new one.  And if you win, I will send you a nice little neck warmer (some of you may call them scarf's).

You will receive a nice homemade knit scarf.  Made by ME.  I love these because they are so comfy.  I wear it around the house all day.  It seems to take the chill off.  They look adorable, and are a great accessory.Scarf

(I am looking for new models, this girl has got to go, I don't think she knows what she is doing.) 

Here are the rules:

Email me your recipe at

Please share a little about yourself, and a link to your own blog if you have one.  I am always looking to make new friends.  New Recipes, New Friends what could be better?

You have until Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010 at midnight.

We are only looking for Main Course Dishes.  I will ask for desserts at a later date.  It can be breakfast dishes.  We love breakfast for any meal.

On Sunday, February 28th, my family will read over the entries and pick the top 3.  The top 3 will be the recipes we think sound the most delicious.

I will announce the top 3 and share the recipes.

I will then cook the top 3 during the week of March 1st, for my family.

My family will then vote at the end of the week.

I will announce the winner here on Monday, March 8, 2010.

Here is a little head start; I don't care for fish.  So no fishy recipes please.

I can't wait to try out all your tasty recipes. 

In advance I just want to say thank you for sharing, and making my full life taste a little bit better.


Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have recently been featured on one of my favorite blogs.  I have been reading this blog for almost 2 years.

Just a Girl is such a fun read with great ideas.  She is read all over the blogging community.

And... yesterday, she featured me and my bedroom re-do.

Had I known I was going to be featured, I would have posted about something other then my husbands 13# bass, and Isaac caught with his pants on the ground.

I just found it this afternoon, and I am ecstatic.  It is so nice to feel loved.


Go here to read about it.

Also, Heather Meyer, a cute mom of four,  found my blog through Just a Girl.  This is what she had to say.

Seriously, a kind word goes a long way.

What kind words have you used today?

Just keep swimming... swimming... swimming...

These thoughts in my head just keep swimming.  That is why it has been a week since I posted.  I sit down to post and I just can't even put the words together.  There are too many thoughts.

I have recently gone off my anxiety medication(bless that stuff).  If you recall, I started it in the midst of my crazy pregnancy.  I knew that I wouldn't take it forever, and that time had come.

I soon realized  that stuff won't let those little thoughts swim.  It keeps your brain cool and calm.  I would like to say that I am still calm on the outside, but you don't know the in's and out's of the inside of this brain.  I wish I could explain it.

Don't get me wrong.  I think it is a great thing.  I have the ability to get a lot done in a short amount of time.  I am a great multi-tasker.  But Seriously....

Can't I just sit down and relax with out those thoughts prodding me to get up and work on something.

Would it be to much to ask to go to sleep without dreaming in fabric swatches, paint chips, and the next great meal I am going to create.

Oh... I wish there was a balance.  A way to have the calm thought of, "I'll get to that when I am ready, or maybe never."  And feel completely fine with it. 

I also wish that the motivation to get things done was there with the medication.

Where is the balance?  I know that it is something I have to pray for and find on my own.  I am still doing some soul-searching in that area.

I found this balancing idea on flip flops and applesauce.  I really like the concept so I am giving it a try.

{Balance your:} requirements, relationships, and rest

She gives a complete overview of her thoughts on this


If you figure it out a better way, let me know.

I am thankful for paper to jot my thoughts down on.  This allows me to come back to them at a later date.  Which is what I am trying to do today.  It is a day for catching up.

Here is a little peak at the inner workings of my brain.


So... Here is what I have been trying to post about all week.  If it seems a little jumbled to you don't come crying to me.  I gave you the disclaimer.  I told you about the thoughts in my head.  If you can't handle the craziness of it all don't go any further.

The next few posts will be a way to get rid of all the little fishies that are swimming around in this brain of mine.  Hopefully a little writing will do this brain some good, and allow me to capture the happenings of this family on paper, or computer screen.  That reminds me that I need to finish putting my blog in a book for print.  AHHH!! Does it ever end.

However, I do have to say that the smile that I have been wearing is a good reminder to me that I do like to be busy, have projects, and take care of my loved ones.  I haven't seen this SMILE in a while.

Projects this week

Here is what I have been up to this week.  You know since I can't shut my brain off it seems like there is always a project looming.

Project #1

House Rules:

House Rules 2

Taken from The Pleated Poppy

I loved her rules, and I changed nothing.  Only the way I made it.  I used a blank canvas, scrapbook paper, spray adhesive, ribbon, buttons, flowers, and my own copy of the rules.

This took me about 10 minutes.  I used spray adhesive to attach the paper.

Typed up my(her) rules, and attached with spray adhesive.

Modge Podge over the top

Add the embellishments with a little hot glue.

Sit on an easel.

Here is what I typed up, if you would like to use it feel free.

House Rules

Thanks to Lindsey at the pleated poppy for such great rules.

Project #2

This nice little Chalkboard on the front of my bar.


It once looked like this, and hung in my laundry room.


I added some chalkboard paint to the metal, and wa-la.

We no longer have room for our easel.  So this is my alternative for now.

Now, I have a bare wall but...


I have a great idea. So stay tuned. 

Project #3

Updated Silohettes.

I plan to update them each year.  It is really cool to see how they have changed.

I finally did one for Tessa.

Last Years:SIlohettes

This Years:Silohettes 2


 Plastic ware/Readily accessible

I am tired of my kids making messes, not using napkins, and asking me for a cup.

This is what a lower pantry shelf now looks like.


My kids are now capable of helping themselves, and doing it with manners.

Project #5

Baby Leg-Warmers

I love these for Tessa's legs.  She can wear skirts, and I don't have to take tights off each time I change her diaper.

I bought these beauties at Target.  They range from $10-$15.


After I purchased some, I found this


Now, I am making them.


I used knee-high socks from Target.  (Found in the Women's sock section)

Last but not least:

Here is a little pile of Projects I hope to get to:

Projects 1

Projects 2

...and one last little project.  Mailing that giant sized candy bar to the luck winner.(winners)

I appreciate all your comments, and support in mothering.  I am grateful for such great friends who help remind me that sometimes people just don't know what to say.

I picked two winners:

A funny one: Caitlyn Burchfield her response was, ""These are a handful? I left the other six at home today."

A kind one(to be a good example for my children):  Heidi Parson, her response was, "Hands Full Now, Heart Full Later”  (Heidi please email me your address)

Both of you will be receiving a King sized Candy bar of your choice.  Email me your favorite.

Keep Reading to find out about the exciting giveaway I am doing next week.




Projects Change-up

Some of the best advice that a friend gave me when I was decorating my home was:

" look at it for a few days before you make any decisions."

ie:  if you paint a room and are unsure about the color, you should look at it for a week.  If you still hate it after a week then you should change it.

I do this often.

For instance:

I didn't know if I liked this plate.Plate

Huh?  Did I just say that?  I love this plate, and I am so glad I didn't return it.

The Girls Room has never felt right.

I have changed it several times.

Here are the changes.Girls room

Girls room

This is it today.  I finally love it. 

Girls Room

It finally feels more spacious.

Girls room 2

When you have a lot of furniture in a room, it doesn't hurt to do some rearranging until you like everything.

One more little change.  I wasn't sure about the brown in my new room.



I looked at it for a week, and still didn't like it.




I added some black.

Now I love it.  It has the Hollywood glam feel I was going for.

This was cheap and easy.  I shopped the house and found the black pillow, throw and frame.  I bought a spool of ribbon and added some touches here and there.


I also bought some fabric to recover my rocking chair. 




Rocking Chair

This little black pillow was a score at the Goodwill.

A few changes, and now I am 100% satisfied.

Don't hesitate to change things up, but make sure you have looked at it for a few days before you do. 

After looking at my new changes, I can say that I am completely in love.

Remember: if you are not happy with it after a week you never will be.

Also Remember:  you may learn to love it after a few days.


Our youngest 2 kids have the funniest expressions.  Since they were little they both have raised their eyebrows when you talk to them.

Now Isaac has a face for almost every mood.  Just now as I laid him down for bed, I watched his face.

This is Isaac at 8 months.


First there are the sly smiles.  These smiles happen while he is thinking about what it is he can do to get in to mischief, or how he can keep himself awake.

Then he gets the face that I call "scrunchy nose."  This is what he does when he is fighting it, and absolutely disgusted because he doesn't want to do it.

Then comes peaceful face and lip smacking.  This is when you know he has drifted off in to dream land. (I like this face best)

I love watching our kids every move.  Once you know them you can figure out what they are thinking just by their expression.

I already know what Tessa is going to do just by the face she pulls.  Isn't it amazing?

Tessa has recently moved into anxiety mode.  She loves her mommy and know one else.Tessa face

If someone else takes her from me she immediately starts to pout.  I am talking full fledged pouty lip.

I can always see it coming.  I warn people before I hand her off, and then before you know it; out comes the lip.  Then come the tears.

Then I take her back, and the look of contentment once again finds her face.

Sorry Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, and Uncles, I hope she likes you when we come.

One more little Isaac funny. 

I am sure you have all heard the new rage from American Idol,

"Pants on the ground."

Well after one You Tube viewing, this is what we found Isaac doing.


He makes us laugh almost every day.

I am thankful for laughter, and the many expressions that each one of our children have.

It is what makes us unique.

Jonathan and his prize.

When it is not hunting season, there must be something else to do.  So... Jonathan's friend Brady bought a boat.

Jonathan and Brady took it down to a lake near the Mexican border.

This is a picture of Jonathan's prize:fish 1

This little Beauty is bigger then our almost 4 month baby.

fish 3


12 pounds 15.6 ounces

27 inches long

22 inches around

He had a great time.  This is one of those once in a lifetime catches.  It is one of the biggest caught this year on Falcon Lake.

I am glad you had so much fun honey bunny.

What a memorable day for you!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

One for the archives... I was so busy I didn't post our school valentine ideas. So save them for next year.

Cans 1

Cans 2







all done

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