Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tonight is your last chance...

Don't forget that your Crock-pot recipes have to be in by tonight. 

They must be in my inbox by the time I wake up in the morning.

Watch out for the top 3 on Monday.

Thanks to all who have participated thus far.

I went out and bought a new Crock-pot and I can't wait to use it.

Remember the winner gets another version of this really cute scarf:


Sweet Dreams and Crock-pot wishes.


Cathy said...

Best and Super easy. Take a boneless pork roast (I buy whole bonless pork loins at Sams and cut pork chops and roasts from them. They are under $2 / lb.) Cover liberaly with Cavenders seasoning. Put in crock pot in morning on low and eat at end of day. Can use the juice it makes to make a gravy and serve with potatoes, rice, etc. (Defat it first). Make a big one and you can serve it for other meals - Shred it and add BBQ sauce and serve on buns - slice it cold for sandwiches - shredded in tacos - Main dish salad - endless!

Alaina and Mitchell said...

SUCH a cute blog! I love the layout makeover!!

Bre said...

The only ones I have I bet everyone already has, but I would love a copy of the ones you get because Crock pot recipes are ones I am ALWAYS looking for because they are great for me while I go to work, and my poor husband needs some new dishes for me to make, I swear I have five that I make and switch through all the time. My poor family needs some new tastes for their taste buds!

Rachelle Carling said...

Andrea... It's Rachelle White, now Carling. I totally blog stalked and found your blog through Lindsay's. I hope you don't mind me saying this but I LOVE your blog! It is totally inspiring not to mention completely creative. I hope its okay I took a peek!

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