Saturday, February 20, 2010

Projects this week

Here is what I have been up to this week.  You know since I can't shut my brain off it seems like there is always a project looming.

Project #1

House Rules:

House Rules 2

Taken from The Pleated Poppy

I loved her rules, and I changed nothing.  Only the way I made it.  I used a blank canvas, scrapbook paper, spray adhesive, ribbon, buttons, flowers, and my own copy of the rules.

This took me about 10 minutes.  I used spray adhesive to attach the paper.

Typed up my(her) rules, and attached with spray adhesive.

Modge Podge over the top

Add the embellishments with a little hot glue.

Sit on an easel.

Here is what I typed up, if you would like to use it feel free.

House Rules

Thanks to Lindsey at the pleated poppy for such great rules.

Project #2

This nice little Chalkboard on the front of my bar.


It once looked like this, and hung in my laundry room.


I added some chalkboard paint to the metal, and wa-la.

We no longer have room for our easel.  So this is my alternative for now.

Now, I have a bare wall but...


I have a great idea. So stay tuned. 

Project #3

Updated Silohettes.

I plan to update them each year.  It is really cool to see how they have changed.

I finally did one for Tessa.

Last Years:SIlohettes

This Years:Silohettes 2


 Plastic ware/Readily accessible

I am tired of my kids making messes, not using napkins, and asking me for a cup.

This is what a lower pantry shelf now looks like.


My kids are now capable of helping themselves, and doing it with manners.

Project #5

Baby Leg-Warmers

I love these for Tessa's legs.  She can wear skirts, and I don't have to take tights off each time I change her diaper.

I bought these beauties at Target.  They range from $10-$15.


After I purchased some, I found this


Now, I am making them.


I used knee-high socks from Target.  (Found in the Women's sock section)

Last but not least:

Here is a little pile of Projects I hope to get to:

Projects 1

Projects 2

...and one last little project.  Mailing that giant sized candy bar to the luck winner.(winners)

I appreciate all your comments, and support in mothering.  I am grateful for such great friends who help remind me that sometimes people just don't know what to say.

I picked two winners:

A funny one: Caitlyn Burchfield her response was, ""These are a handful? I left the other six at home today."

A kind one(to be a good example for my children):  Heidi Parson, her response was, "Hands Full Now, Heart Full Later”  (Heidi please email me your address)

Both of you will be receiving a King sized Candy bar of your choice.  Email me your favorite.

Keep Reading to find out about the exciting giveaway I am doing next week.





Tara said...

You are so busy! I cannot believe all the stuff you get done, seriously, Andrea! I love it all, too (I have those house rules on my list of projects to-do, too! And I love the way you did them).

Krysta said...

I'm trying to figure out where I would put the house rules. I really want to make that. Your chalkboard looks so cute there. I want to make some leg warmers when I come...I'll put that on the list!

Lorinda said...

We love the leg warmers you sent for Jane.....but I ended up putting them on Norah and they looked absolutely adorable. We'll use them for Jane too. Now Ivie needs some...Do you make them for Stella?

Jennifer S. said...

Where/how did you do those silohettes of your children? Just beautiful. I would love to do some like them for my girls.

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