Saturday, February 20, 2010

Projects Change-up

Some of the best advice that a friend gave me when I was decorating my home was:

" look at it for a few days before you make any decisions."

ie:  if you paint a room and are unsure about the color, you should look at it for a week.  If you still hate it after a week then you should change it.

I do this often.

For instance:

I didn't know if I liked this plate.Plate

Huh?  Did I just say that?  I love this plate, and I am so glad I didn't return it.

The Girls Room has never felt right.

I have changed it several times.

Here are the changes.Girls room

Girls room

This is it today.  I finally love it. 

Girls Room

It finally feels more spacious.

Girls room 2

When you have a lot of furniture in a room, it doesn't hurt to do some rearranging until you like everything.

One more little change.  I wasn't sure about the brown in my new room.



I looked at it for a week, and still didn't like it.




I added some black.

Now I love it.  It has the Hollywood glam feel I was going for.

This was cheap and easy.  I shopped the house and found the black pillow, throw and frame.  I bought a spool of ribbon and added some touches here and there.


I also bought some fabric to recover my rocking chair. 




Rocking Chair

This little black pillow was a score at the Goodwill.

A few changes, and now I am 100% satisfied.

Don't hesitate to change things up, but make sure you have looked at it for a few days before you do. 

After looking at my new changes, I can say that I am completely in love.

Remember: if you are not happy with it after a week you never will be.

Also Remember:  you may learn to love it after a few days.


Krysta said...

The black does the trick! I still can't believe you had a hard time with that plate. I have loved it since the very beginning. I agree that you have to live with things for awhile sometimes to make sure you really like them or not. I do that ALL the time.

trish said...

Your room is beautiful! I love all the touches! I was curious what the color was that you used for your picture frames above your bed? That blue is just what I am looking for. :o)
Sincerely ~ Trish

katie@tulsadetails said...

I am so impressed with your projects! I love the black and white accents in your bedroom. (Also, totally love your walls.) The girl's rooms are adorable, too!

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