Friday, April 8, 2011


I thought I would take a minute and update Ya’ll on Isaac.

This last Sunday, the kids were outside playing when Stella ran in the house to tell us that Isaac had fallen.  Jonathan and I both went outside to check on him.  I found it very strange to find him still laying on the ground.  I scooped him up and carried him inside.  He was crying, and began to tell me that he had jumped off the stool that they use to climb on the trampoline.  It took a lot of work just getting that out.  He then told me that he couldn’t move his arm.  I knew  by the way that he was acting that there was something wrong. Jonathan did his doctor inspection.  He asked him to move his fingers, and kept feeling around.  Jonathan began to pull up his sleeve and we knew immediately that he had broken his arm.

I called a friend and left the 3 other kids with her while we went to children’s hospital.  It didn’t take long to get us back in the ER.  The ER was packed, but I guess his injury was sufficient enough to be seen quickly. 

After a very painful x-ray, Jonathan was able to look at them.  He brought along his badge so that the employees knew he was a physician there.  He immediately saw the break, and pointed it out to me.  He broke the humerus bone right above the elbow. I could tell by the look on his face that he was worried about the break.

All the while, Isaac is being very brave.  He only cries if we have to move his arm.  He was so kind to all the doctors, and very polite despite how terrible he must have felt.

Broken Arm

Once we got back to the room, I asked him what his concern was.  Jonathan began to tell me that sometimes that fracture needs surgery, and Isaac's looks like it might.  Surgery for my little guy never crossed my mind. 

We waited for the news, and I knew it wasn’t good when the orthopedic resident came in.  Jonathan was right.  Isaac would need surgery. 

Jonathan stayed the night with Isaac in the hospital, while I went home to help the kids get off to school the next morning.  While he was there with Jonathan, he got an IV put in his hand.  He only made one small whimper. Later that night he told Jonathan, “I like it here dad.”

I stopped off and picked him up a happy meal.  It had a Batman toy in it.  He took that toy, and never let it go.


I joined them both the next morning just as Isaac was coming out of surgery.  He did really well, and slept most of the day on Monday.   The only time he got upset was when he woke up and he noticed he didn’t have his Batman toy.

They put a couple of pins in his arm to hold it in place.  He will wear the splint that they put him in until Tuesday, then will go in for the hard cast.  Isaac is hoping for a red one.

All in all he has done well.  He is a little grumpier than normal, and with is spirited personality he seems to be really grumpy.  He shows all his moods with great intensity.  That includes happiness, which I am grateful for.

I feel the sun coming up over the clouds today, as we have had mostly smiles.

Thank you to all who have been concerned and checked in on him. 

Isaac Wagon

We are truly blessed.  I have visited Jonathan at Children’s Hospital many times.  Every time I have reminded myself that I am thankful we have never had to stay there with a child.  It never crossed my mind that a broken arm would cause us to do so. I never thought I would see Jonathan pulling our child in the wagon.


Today, I am thankful for the talented doctors, and the technology that could fix Isaac’s arm.

P.S.  I have updated “some” of my 365.  I will do more later today.


Brandi said...

Oh, your poor Isaac!!!!! I hate when our kids get hurt, breaks my heart!! Glad he is better!!!!!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Bless his heart! So glad he is okay and feeling better!! :)

Alison said...

Oh, he's so cute! What a tough little guy!

Marji & Jim said...

how can your hospital pictures be so good? :) I should have given you a book called Grumpy Bunnies to read to Isaac, I read it to my kids when they are really grumpy. At least he'll be out of the cast by summertime!

Roxanne said...

Glad to hear everything went well in surgery and all.

Eileen said...

What a little sweetie! I want to hug him.

Darlene said...

Aww poor Isaac! He's so brave. I'm so sorry about the whole ordeal but glad everything went smoothly. Keeping you all in my prayers.


Alaina and Mitchell said...

Poor little man! I'm so glad everything went well and that he was a little trooper! I'm glad Jonathan had connections with that hospital so you were able to get a bit of special treatment :o)

Ben and Emily said...

Poor thing! I'm glad he's doing well and hope his arm heals quickly!

Stephanie Bishop said...

what a crazy month you have had! This must of happened right after you got home? He is such a sweet and calm looking child and I feel so bad he had to go through so much to get his arm back in "line!" You are troopers!

melissa said...

We are glad Isaac is doing so well. We feel bad G & G weren't able to come out to deliver our little surprise for him. We will have to mail it. Hang in there Isaac! Loves!

Lindsey said...

Oh...Andrea, I haven't checked in in awhile. So sorry to hear about your sweet Isaac. So glad everything went well and he is on the mend. Prayers for a very quick recovery.

Krysta said...

He looks so tiny in those pictures! Poor guy...I'm glad to hear he is doing better.

My kids never got pulled in a wagon! I bet he loved that.

cpdendy said...

Aww... last February my little man landed wrong in one of the bouncy things at JumpZone and broke his in the exact same spot! He also had surgery to place 2 pins and a tension wire. Hope that Isaac feels better soon!

KW said...

Glad he is doing well now, he is a brave little boy.

Amber said...

I bet it breaks your heart to see your child in pain. What a sweet little boy. Glad he is doing better!

KT said...

We had the same hospital stay a couple of years ago. Thank goodness for good medicine! Have fun signing the cast!

Emily said...

Oh poor Isaac! That is so sad!

Stella said...

Oh my....Poor Isaac. And it's difficult for a Mum and Dad to see a child in pain.
I hope Isaac is recovering well. ... Thinking fo you and sending hugs..X

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