Monday, April 11, 2011

Happenings {Spring Break}

We have had a lot going on since Spring Break.  I am just getting around to sharing a few pictures and recording a few of our memories.

We started out our Spring Break by feeding the calves. jex calf

My good friend Tracy had a set of twins that the mother never took too.  She has been bottle feeding them for a few months.  She invited the kids out to give it a try.  They all thought it was pretty neat.

stella calf   Isaac calf

Notice Isaac’s boots.  I can’t get them off of him.  He wears them with everything; except socks.  If he wears socks they don’t fit.  I think it is time for new boots.

Jex feeding calf

Jex was surprised that the calf kept following him around when the bottle ran out.  She was still hungry.

my turnmy turn caption

The beginning of the week, I took the kids to Garvin Gardens with a few friends.  Garvin Gardens is a beautiful botanical garden in Hot Springs.  Pam and Marji grew up in Hot Springs; so we met up with their mom.  I was so thankful to have an extra set of hands.  It was also nice to get to know her a little more.


We took the kids to a park to play and eat lunch, and then off to Garvin Gardens.

The tulips were in full bloom so I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures.

Tess with tulips cr

Isaac and Tulips cr

Stella and tulips cr

Did you notice who lost a tooth?

Jex and tulips cr

Kids and Tulips cr

What a beautiful day to capture God’s beauty.

The kids enjoyed playing in the out door playground built out of rocks and water.  It is a natural playground, and I was positive one of the kids would come rolling down a rock, but they all survived.

We were all surprised when the peacock decided to show us his colors.  I think this was by far my favorite part.


grandma and peacocks

Later on in the week, we did the dumbest thing ever and took 18 kids to see the ducks march at the Peabody Hotel.  Once we were in the hotel it was fine.   The kids loved watching the ducks and riding the elevator. 


Ducks 2  Ducks


I was so glad we brought Spencer along.  He is my friend Stephanie’s son.  She had to go out of town for a funeral so we brought him along.  I think he had a nice time, but I was grateful for his extra set of hands that kept track of Isaac and Matthew.

The Peabody is downtown, so naturally after we saw the ducks the kids were hungry.  It was crazy when we decided to eat with all of them downtown.   18 kids downtown in the River Market having lunch.  Are we crazy?

I was ready for a big long nap after that adventure.  Too bad I had too much to do.  It was time to pack for our vacation to….

THE GREAT WOLF LODGE in Kansas City!!!

More on that to come.

P.S.  Spring break made me ready for summer vacation.  How about you?  I miss my kids.


Andrea said...

AHHH! Your kids are so precious! I can't even stand it!

Eileen said...

I'm so glad God invented Spring Break. What would we do without it?

KW said...

Looks like a fun time, I am ready to do things like that outside. I think it is amazing how Tess being the youngest just follows everything her siblings do: sits for pictures, stays at the table to eat lunch. Luke doesn't have examples like that so he is constantly on the move.

Baileys said...

I LOVE the tulip pics!! They turned out GREAT! If summer is anything like Spring Break, I'm gonna need something stronger than diet coke to get me through the days! :)

Marji & Jim said...

I love the Peabody pix, I wish I had remembered my camera..we'll never do that again unless we have camera crews following us :)

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