Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This year Santa left our kids a really great gift.

from Santa

Instead of more stuff for mom and dad to put away, Santa gave us time.

Time instead of Stuff; what a great gift.  I wish I would have thought of that.  That Santa is so smart.

We were finally able to take our TIME and go.

Santa gave our family a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge.

We decided to go to the one in Kansas City.  It saved Santa some money, and we could visit our old stomping grounds.

We left late on Friday night.  I was so happy to see that Jonathan had gotten a room at a great hotel in Overland Park so we could spend a few nights there visiting with people that we love.

Nice hotels 

It was so nice the kids space and our space was partitioned off.

After our short night, we spent some time visiting the good old Kansas City Days.


Of course it was snowing there so we did what we always did when it was snowing in KC.  We went to the Mall.  Along with every other family in Overland Park.  The kids enjoyed playing in the indoor playground.  Isaac really wanted to ride the Double Decker Carousel.  Stella wanted to check out the American Girl store, and Jex enjoyed walking around the Disney store.

After the mall, we dropped our kids off at a friends house.  She had arranged for a baby sitter, and then we went to dinner with some of our good friends.  Many of our friends have moved on, some just had babies, but we were able to get a good group together. (Man I miss you guys)


Our original plan was to eat at Cheddar’s, but an hour wait swayed our decision and we went across the street to the less busy Mongolian BBQ.


I wasn’t there for the food.  I was there for the company.





It was so much fun to reconnect with our friends.

We stayed one more night in our SWEET hotel, and then went to church in ZION.  I call it Zion because it is such an awesome ward.  It was so much fun to be back in Overland Park 1st ward and see our ward family.  We love them all so much.  It is amazing how no matter where you go, your ward is always your family and they always will be.

The kids were excited to head out of Overland Park and go to the Great Wolf Lodge.

Wolf Cubs

Pajama Bingo  bingo jex

The hotel is so much fun.  It has an indoor water park, arcade, games and activities going on all the time.

Bucket drop

Trip to Kansas and Great Wolf 

We spent most of our time in the water park.

J and kids

It was great to watch Jex enjoy just taking off and riding all the rides.  Nothing seemed to worry him.


Stella was a little more cautious, but she did ride every slide.  We even got Isaac to ride all the slides as well.  It was such a family friendly place.

stella slide   steps

Tess was content climbing the stairs.  Up and Down that is her favorite thing to do.

me and kids 

We were so sad to leave the hotel, and the kids are already talking about our next trip there.

I might have to include that idea for Santa next year when I send him my thank you note.

Thanks Santa!! We had a great time, and loved spending the week with one another.


Beth Curtis said...

that looks like so much fun. I am LOVING the red hair!

Tasha said...

Hello there. My girlfriend just introduced me to you because she is trying to help me plan my meals. I just recently became a SAH mom so I am looking at ways to save money. I love your ideas and I would love to steal them! :) I want to be more organized and prepared! Can you please share your meal planning/recipes/grocery lists documents with me? I would really appreciate it. Thanks. tasharaymond@hotmail.com

Marji & Jim said...

it looks like a fun trip... though I though Zion was here in Arkansas :) we need to take our kids to the Great Wolf in Dallas next time we go visit

Roxanne said...

It was so nice to visit with you guys. Hope to visit soon.

Alaina and Mitchell said...

How fun! I'm jealous that we weren't there to greet you at church! I agree--it is the most fantastic ward! It will always be home :o) Also, we stayed in a Marriott that looked just like that in Draper last week! It was the cutest hotel ever!

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