Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sweet Child

Four Months

123 Days

2,952 Hours

177,120 Minutes

You have graced our life, and we are all absolutely crazy about you.

From this moment on the minutes need to slow down.

At Four months:

You are reaching for toys

Smiling, laughing and cooing

You sing when you are tired

You constantly have your hands in your mouth

Tessa 5

You pout when too many people are looking at you

You sleep 12 hours at night

You put yourself to sleep

You adore your blankie

Tessa 1

You love to nurse

You love to watch your mobile


You are crazy about your dad

Stella makes your eyes light up

Jex makes your legs kick

Isaac can always make you smile

Isaac Tess Laugh

You move your head in every direction looking for me when you hear my voice.

I think that you might love us as much as we love you

Isaac and Tess

Because I am your mother and I spend every waking minute with you; I think about and delight in so many of the wonders that make you who you are.(believe me you are on my mind a lot, I am smitten with you in more ways then one)

I absolutely love:

feeling your cheek next to mine.

seeing your smile when you notice me come in to your room

smelling your sweet breath

Tessa 3 

feeling your deep shallow breaths as I hold you

kissing you on your neck, ears and chubby cheeks

It makes me smile:

when I see your adorable chubby legs

when you act like this meal is going to be your last

when you you pucker your lips together in concentration

 Tessa Crib

I must say I am 100% CRAZY about you.



Beth Curtis said...

Adorable! I love the picture with Isaac in it. She must love her brother!

JW said...

Luke is starting to put his fingers in his mouth all the time too.

katie@tulsadetails said...

Oh my gosh! What an adorable, happy baby!!!

KW said...

She is so cute. I bet Luke and Tessa will be great friends and probably around the same size. Luke loves to put his hands in his mouth's so funny.

Jenn said...

You have such a cute family! You take fantastic pictures too!

Dave and Lindsay said...

She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

Darlene said...

Andrea, she is just beautiful!! A little Stella in the making :). I absolutely LOVE the pic of her and Isaac! What a cutie!

Krysta said...

She is the cutest thing!
I love Isaac making her laugh. Siblings are the best!

Your new header is super cute.

Alaina and Mitchell said...

Oh she is just adorable! I think i'm smitten with her too! :o) What a pretty little girl--tell Jonathan he's going to have to have brothers help ward off boys from his two sweet girls! (Luckily they each have an older brother!)

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