Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A year in review; picture style

In honor of a New Year, I love to reflect on the beautiful moments from the previous year.

Once again, I have put together collages that pretty much sum up 2012 for our family.

I have to admit that this is one of my favorite posts to go back to. 

I love having one spot that reminds me of just how amazing our year was.

I am going to break this up in to quarters; so as not to bombard you with our whole year at once.

My next few posts will just be family memories from 2012. 

I wouldn’t want to start out 2013 here at J and A & Company,  any other way.

Plus; I have a lot of things to catch up on around home so this is a good way for me to share something here on my blog.

Enjoy January, February,  and March 2012 with the Swenson family:

January 2012 with text

We make a visit to Houston to see the Moes family for New Years; the daddies put on quite the fireworks show; Tess hates fireworks; Swenson kids and Moes kids enjoy being together; Isaac enjoys hanging out with his buddies; Stella tries out her new camera; Tess loves on Rapunzel; Stella is a good mother to Tess

February with text

Jex and Stella go to their first concert; a small event with Josh Turner and Lauren Alaina; kids play icecream quiz for FHE; Tess is always dressing up and jumping on mom’s bed; kids get creative with their toys; we take a trip to Branson and play at an indoor water park; the kids celebrate Valentines at school

March 2012

We decide to enjoy Spring Break at home; hanging outside in the warm weather; teaching the kids to make breakfast; putting together puzzles; Garvin Gardens for the beautiful flowers; making the kids eat snack in the sink because I hate crumbs; Jex plays baseball; and makes a bond with his coach; I see Hunger Games with some friends; Potty train Tess

Collage Templates made by the amazing and talented Rebecca from Simple as that.

You can find our collages from 2011 here and here.



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