Thursday, January 3, 2013

Year in Review; April to June

This is our year in pictures; part two.

April 2012

Easter 2012; family egg hunt; coloring eggs; a little money in the eggs; glow in the dark egg hunt; General Conference weekend; Jex takes a field trip to the crystal mines; Jex earns several scout badges; Tess is always in to something girly

May 2012

Jonathan and I take a trip back to the island of Saba, the island we lived on for two years; enjoy eating at some of our favorite restaurants; going on hikes; hanging out on one of our favorite places; kids enjoy their last days at school; saying goodbye to friends; big fun day at school; moving out of our home after four years

June 2012

Summer vacation in Utah; hanging out with all our cousins; visiting Logan; summer days at the park; picnic at Ruby’s grave; letting balloons off to Ruby; hike to the Grotto with our cousins; daddy makes a surprise visit to UT; summer water fun at Nanny and Poppy’s; Father’s day with our Grandpa’s; surprise birthday party before we leave UT

For the first installment go here.


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