Friday, January 4, 2013

Not a creature was stirring…

So I am interrupting myself.  I think it is okay to interrupt when you are doing it to yourself.

I will continue on with my year in review; but it was high time that I shared some Christmas pictures on this blog.

Christmas always means a lot of pictures.  I think for everyone.  So of course for me; it means an awful lot of pictures.  I have a problem.  A serious picture taking problem.  I think I need help.

I thought a good place to start would be Christmas Eve.

We started the morning out by making some cookies for the big man.


I must say I am finally able to give the kids full reign of the frosting and sprinkles.  Ok.  So I guess my kids growing up does have some benefits.

During the after noon, we watched as the sky made it preparations for Santa.  It let down just enough snow for Santa to use his sleigh.


(taken with my iphone)

Sleigh Bells ring are you listening?

I prepared a nice little Christmas meal.


I love sharing fancy meals with my family.

After dinner it was time for our Christmas traditions.

We all presented our gift to the Savior; which is goal to change for the better.  We put them in a white box and placed them under the tree; after we read our goals from the previous years.

The kids always open two gifts on Christmas Eve.

Pajamas(made by me)




The ornaments represent each child.

Jex: Star; because he shines in everything he does

Stella: White snowflake to represent baptism

Isaac: bird because he flew off to Kindergarten

Tessa:  A Santa because he is the magic of Christmas, and Tess is the magic of our house.

Then we laid out the goodies for the big man, and a few for our Elf.


The kids went to bed, and within 20 minutes…

Not a creature was stirring.  REALLY!! Not one sound.

They fell asleep so fast.

With visions of Sugar plums…


and they dreamed and hope that Santa would come…


…and he did.

Christmas morning coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh how beautiful. I love your ornament tradition and how each one represents your kids. Very cool! :)

Letti said...

I love the way you do your ornaments. I have done the hallmark ornaments but I love your idea of using something thatbrepresentsvthem that isn't too childish.

Stefanie Hyer said...

Random question... Where do you get the shirts to go with the pajama pants?

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