Thursday, January 7, 2010

Top 9 in 09


1.  Tessa Mae Swenson

2. BFF

3.  This is why I want more children

4.  Jewels

5.  Where to Begin

6.  Today

7.  Acceptance

8.  On Friday

9.  A heart to heart



4x6 baby makes six




Isaac run splash


Jex overlooks course


Umbrella 3


Tess with Green Pillow


Baby of Mine




Love copy


1.  "She is here."

2.  "It's a Girl."

3.  "I love you Mommy."

4.  "I start my 2nd year of residency today."

5.  "Let's go on a cruise."

6.  "Let's go on a date."

7.  "I am pregnant."

8.  "We are coming for a visit."

9.  "I am buying you a new camera."

{Decorating Projects}

1. Girls RoomGirls room

2.  Boys Room

Boy's Room

3.  Laundry RoomLaundry

4.  CurtainsWIndows Dressed

5.  New mirror and glass candlesticks for Master


6.  Picture Wall


7.  SilhouettesSIlohettes

8.  Kitchen Curtains with Vintage KnobsA window Dressed

9.  Painting the Breakfast NookAll Gathered


{Projects for 2010}

1.  Fit back in to these bad boys by April 15th

Good Old Friend

2.  Get all caught up on my Scrapbooks

3.  Read this Book

4.  Become a more patient mother and loving wife

5.  Paint my Bedroom....  You will be surprised when you find out what color

6.Make some of these to adorn my hair... that I am trying to grow outil_430xN.93740471

7.  Make one of these for my Laundry Room Doorbook12

8.  Learn more tricks to do with my camera

9.  Make a chandelier out of an old lattice for above my bar, and buy bar stools

{Wishing you a

Wonderful 2010}



Lindsey said...

Cute post!

Caitlin said...

I love the headband. I may need you to show me how to make that.

Krysta said...

That was such a fun post! Before I got on here, I was just getting ready to e-mail you for the link to that wreath. Funny...will you send it to me. Pretty please?

I love your new blog layout. You have been one busy mama.

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