Saturday, November 7, 2009


 and baby makes six.

Right after I had our first child, I went to a Doctor's appointment.  As I waited in the waiting room, I watched a young mother struggle with her four children.   I remember thinking, " I will never have kids that close together."  I believe they were 6, 4, 2 and a little one.  I was amazed and specifically remember coming home and telling Jonathan, Never!

Well never say never.

Here I sit surrounded with four of my own.  All of them 7 and under.

Today, I am grateful for the growth that I have made since that day in the waiting room.

I am grateful to know that the blessings far out weigh the work of  being a mother.  If I can remember to look for them.

Me and Tess bw

I am thankful for this new little life that reminds me to stop and soak up the realities of motherhood. Me and Tess color

So far, I have been spending my days nursing, changing diapers( I have 2 in diapers remember), and rocking a baby.

Me and Tess Snuggle

Sometimes I don't get dressed until two.  Today, I have yet to do my hair.

Together color

I am thankful when I accomplish even the smallest task.  We are slowly getting a routine down.

My sweetheart has been on Paternity leave.  He has been extremely helpful in the mornings when I am nursing and getting kids ready for school.

J and Tess

I am not looking forward to Monday without him. 

I also think it may be good for me.  It will help me appreciate him more.

I am slowly learning to let things go, and make time for more important things.  My standards are diminishing each day; certainly in a good way.

I am remembering to use my influence where it matters most.

J and Tess bY window 2

I try to remember that caring for these little ones is more important than anything else.

We certainly do less, and I am striving for less distractions.

Kids Hug

We are spending more time laughing, and living in each moment.  I know how quickly it goes.

Do I ever get frustrated?  Yes!!

Do I want to pull my hair out?  Yes!!

Do I take deep breaths? several times a day


Kids all 4 2

I remember that they are a gift. 

That there is power in Motherhood, and I am the only one who can nurture and prepare them.

Jonathan and I are the only ones who can love them enough.  They are ours.  A gift from God.

We are responsible to teach them and protect them. 

They are our Jewels.   

I hope you can find one part of motherhood that makes you happy each day. It truly is the most important job we will ever be given.


KW said...

That's a great post. You are blessed with such great kiddos. I hope I can be like you when I am a mother... 2 more weeks!

Krysta said...

I need to read these words every day!!

Emily said...

Darling pictures. I love the first one of the feet!

melissa said...

Tessa is so beautiful! Wow. I wish I could love her up!

Michelle said...

This is one of my favorite posts you have ever done, Andrea. Beautiful pictures and beautiful thoughts.

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