Tuesday, June 30, 2009


There are those things in life that drive us crazy, and there are other things that would never even bother us.

I have several in my house that drive me crazy.

Dirty Windows



Dishes in the sink


Dirty Countertops

However, I walk by this little number a million times a day, and it just never gets to me.


I have laundry hanging here almost everyday, and sometimes it hangs there for days.  It is one of those things that I will get to when I feel like it.  Now, grimy fingerprints I am constantly wiping away.  Dirty countertops, just make me cringe; but laundry hanging in my laundry room doesn't seem to push any buttons.

What do you avoid in your house?

Monday, June 29, 2009

{365 days of blogging}

Does that sound ambitious?  I want to find a little time everyday to just post something.  Some random thing that is going on in my life.  I hope to find time to snap a picture of the everyday things.  I have several in mind for the next few day. 

Yes, this will be another one of those goals that will go unfulfilled, but at least I am giving it a shot.

Today, I want to share about Service.

"When ye are in the Service of  fellow beings, ye are in Service of God."  Mosiah 2:17

Today I got to have these little cuties over to play.

Stella and Lindsay


These little friends belong to my girlfriend Jennifer.  Her husband was the loving Bishop of our Ward here, and now they are moving.  BOO HOO!!  I was able to help her today while the movers packed up their house.

I don't blog about this to receive recognition for my good deed. (which really was a piece of cake, they just played with my kids)  However, I blog about this to share how good it makes you feel to serve others. 

I have found that I truly enjoy service when I offer it myself.  I have been trying to find ways to reach out to others.  Really offering in the smallest ways can mean the biggest bit of good to others.

I have to admit that my reaching out to others has been completely non-existent for the last 4 months.  My social calendar completely FREE.  I did not take on any more then I had too.  I was in complete survival mode.  I am back on track again, and trying to pencil in a few things.  I would like a few items to be service.

I also like to give service to those who don't ask for it on a regular basis.  Those are the people who never have anything done for them.  Like Jennifer for example, she is always serving others, and sometimes I think it is hardly reciprocated.  She never complains, but I know how good it feels to be on the receiving end once in a while.

She has done so much for me.  She has watched my kids on numerous occasions.  She also brought me 2 home cooked meals while I was hanging my head over the toilet for 3 months.  It meant so much to me.  She is a great example of service.

What are you doing to serve your fellow men?  It doesn't have to be big.  Sometimes the smallest things mean so much.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


"Those who bring Sunshine in to the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves."

Shoes Shoes 2

Hat  Isaac Cowboy 2

Isaac Cowboy 

Isaac Hug

You are my Sunshine.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How am I feeling?

That seems to be the question of the century.  Almost everyone that I talk to asks me, "How are you feeling?"

Well, I am happy to report that I am FINALLY feeling so much better.  I am about 22 weeks along, and just recently quit with the nausea.  This is the longest that I have had it by far.

After all of that, I have suffered from a bit of anxiety and depression.  Now, I must admit that some of that was brought on by the constant ache in my stomach.  I had an extreme amount of guilt for the tasks that I just didn't have the energy to complete.  I felt overwhelmingly tired, and constantly guilty.

After much prayer, and thought... I decided that it was time to ask for help.  The doctor was wonderful and suggested that I take something to suppress some of the anxiety that I was having. 

I am now taking a low dose of medication, and I feel like a new person.  I tell you this because it is so nice to know that people are real, and we all have real struggles. 

I have suffered through these feelings with the last 3 pregnancies.  I never asked for help before.  The sad thing is I am not the only one who suffers.  It is my family as well.  Once the pregnancy is over, I seem to be back to myself again.  Hopefully all the guilt and anxiety will be resolved when I hold that baby in my arms.

I am grateful for friends and a husband who encouraged me to ask for help.  It is amazing the difference. 

About the time that the medication kicked in, the awful taste in my mouth(which contributes to the nausea) all went away.  You can imagine what a great week I am having.

On top of it all, we went to Houston last week so see our dear friends(my best friend) the Moes's.

It is always such a wonderful experience for me.  I always come home a better person.  When I walk through the doors of there home, I feel like I am home again. 

Welcome Home

I feel so comfortable in their home.  While I was there, I felt my energy coming back.  I also felt my mood change. 

I watched Krysta and how she has triumphed through her pregnancy.  She is just 2 weeks ahead of me.  She has had some of the same struggles as I.  (we both realize that it is worse this time because we are busy mother's of 3)  She has not let it get her down, she is going strong.  It was a good reminder for me to pick myself up, and keep going.

"I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it."

I also enjoy being there because along with the wonderful conversations, we take the time to teach each other something.  I taught her how to make this new bread that I am making, and she taught me how to work my camera.

I am starting to get it down.  I am still learning, but she gave me some great tips.  It will still take some practice.  Here are a few shots from the trip.


This time while we were there Jake and Jex seemed to be inseparable.  We laughed when we came home from a day of shopping and saw the planes lined up on the banisters like this.  I love watching my kids play as use their imaginations.Isaac and Drew

Isaac and Drew have a love hate relationship.  Drew likes to play with Isaac only when he is teaching him something.  He hates when Isaac gets in his way.  Isaac likes Drew only when he will play and share, and not when he is trying to teach him something.  You can see how it doesn't work out for them so well.  I bet they will be even better friends when Isaac gets one year older.  "Hey Drew I totally understand, it is hard when a little guy is constantly in your way."


Stella and Kaylee enjoyed every second together.  Of course they were doing girl things, and since they don't have anyone at home to do those things with; they soaked up as much time as they could.

We had a great weekend.  I am so thankful for friends who are so close by that can help refresh our spirits.  I am so thankful to be on the mend, and past this hard trial.

So to all those who have asked.  I am doing better.  Thanks for asking.

{Alphabet Ideas}

 I am not going to post every thing that we are doing for our Alphabet Summer, but here are a few thing we have done.  This might spark some ideas for you.

We kept the letter I just the same.  It is one of my kids favorites, so we did nothing different.  Here is a peak at the fun day we had:


Indoor Smores, and Indoor Campout

I tried to let Isaac sleep with the kids, but that didn't work so well.  So after 1 1/2 hours of fighting with him, he went back to his crib.  How will I ever move him to a big boy bed?  That step is right around the corner.  I have a feeling I am in for sleepless nights, and struggles at nap time.

Indoor Campout copy

Tent 2  ...and for the letter P.... 

We Painted Pottery. 


We went to this neat little store.  The kids got to pick out something to paint, their color choice, and then paint it however they choose.  We left it there for about it week while they fired it.  Then... we gave them to Dad for Father's Day.  He loved it.

I hope this helps you find ways to incorporate learning into your summer.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I always nest at the worst possible time.  It seems to be between 22-28 weeks.  Which actually does me no good because by the time I have the baby, it's disorganized again.

I tend to work on my nursery, and other household projects during this time.  Right now, I have been organizing closets, planning bedrooms, and making a play area.

It seems like every time we add to our family, I have new spaces to create.  Jex and Isaac will soon be sharing a room.  Stella and Baby Girl will be together as well.  That means Jex and Stella will be loosing their space since 2 babies will be napping at some point.  So..... I created this lovely little room in our Reading Area.Living Room 5

I hated to give up this space but it seemed much more useful to the kids, and since they love to play where I am it makes it very convenient when I am on the computer, or in the kitchen.Living Room 3

I have re-purposed our bookshelf as toy storage.  I am also in love with the Bins that I snatched up at Ikea.  What do you think? Book Shelf copy

So now when you walk in to my living room you see this:

Living Room 2

Isn't it Cozy?LIving Room 1

It is so funny because Jonathan and I actually like it better.  Toys in our living area; WHO KNEW? 

So.. I am enjoying mixing it up a bit.  I love taking something I already have and switching it around.  It adds a whole new life to an old space.  Well really not that old; but it was a good change.

Bye Bye Old Spaces....The Great Room

If you remember it used to look like this:The Reading Nook

Happy Nesting!! and playing in your new space.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


WARNING:  This post is full of pictures.  Can you blame me?  I got a new camera this week.  The Nikon D90.  It has been on my wish list for a while now.  Thanks Hubby!!  (Do you think 338 pictures is too many to take in one day?)(No, I did not post all of them.)

Here is what we were so Amused about:


We took the kids to an Amusement Park for the first time.

I heard lots of this:

Coaster Ride

"Can we do it again?"


"That was totally AWESOME"

DSC_0102  "Horses, Mommy."  "Again, Again."

Jex Wet  

"Will I get Wet?"

Yes, Wet

"Yeah, I think you will get wet!!"


"Do you think we will get wet if we stand on the bridge above it?"

As for Isaac, I was worried that he would get bored, but BOY was I wrong...

Watch He enjoyed watching the big roller coasters.

And then while waiting for Daddy to get off of the coaster:   Splash

He found a puddle to Splash in and...Excited

that was better then any silly ride.

Piggy Back

He went for Piggy Back Rides and...Explore

went exploring and...DSC_0160

had plenty of treats!!


We can't wait until our next visit!

We hope you find something to Amuse you this week!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Alphabet has begun...

We have officially started our Alphabet Summer.  Yesterday we

did the Letter F.  For....  FAST 

Fast copy

 AND... Free Floats

(Compliments of Sonic's Free Root Beer Float night.)

Free Floats

 We hope your day was as FUN as ours.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I know that the suspense is killing you.

My appointment was changed to Today instead of yesterday.  ...So I haven't known for a whole day and just been keeping it from you. 

Here it is:

baby of mine

It's a Girl!!!

I am 4 for 4.  I have known what all of my babies were before the ultrasound.  It sounds like most of you guessed right as well.

The best news is that everything is wonderful with the baby.  She is happy, healthy and strong.  Well... at least I think she is happy.  She does lots of kicking, I try to keep her well fed, and I know it has got to be warm in there.

18 weeks

I am still a little icky feeling at 18 1/2 weeks, but I am happy that  I have a healthy child.  She seems to be growing,  because I seem to be blossoming  and outgrowing everything I own.

I thank God for the blessing of raising another one of his special children.  I am thankful for another daughter.

I am off to think about names, and dream about fancy girl clothes.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer is in Full Swing...

It is official!! Today starts the first day of Summer

at the Swenson house.  I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!


I spent the majority of last week getting prepared for our summer festivities.  If you know me, you already know that I like to be prepared. 

The kids started asking me in February if we were going to do "Alphabet Summer" this year?  I replied, "Yes"; knowing full well that I had some preparation to do.

Last week, I organized all of our Art Stuff.  I made sure that each of the kids had their own basket. Each basket has a pad of paper, stickers, glue, scissors, markers, crayons.  I cleared off a spot in our pantry so it is easily assessable.  Well, it is easy for the older two to access.  I don't need the little guy coloring on my walls.  Isaac's basket is more age appropriate, and I get it up and down for him.  So far, they have followed the rules by using their own stuff, and putting it away when they are done.  I knew that would give them one project to entertain them for 15 minutes.  It actually entertains Isaac the longest.  That boy loves stickers.  (Pictures are to come... I am getting my new camera today!!  YEAH!!!)

I also organized our bookshelves, so that their books are put in places that they can find them.  Because all 3 of the kids are on different reading levels I made sure that they could find a book appropriate for them.  We will spend time reading** every day this summer. 

**Jex is already on a 2nd grade reading level.  I hope he continues.  Stella is well on her way to learn.  I hope mom can find some time to read as well.  As for Isaac, he loves to be read too.  It is most certainly his favorite time of day.

I also rearranged our breakfast nook. It is certainly not up to my design standards, but it works for our kids.  I added a table for them, and a desk so they can get to whatever they may need to get out their creativity. ( I promise I will share pictures soon.)

I also planned plenty of outdoor activities:

Sports Equipment Organized

Pool and Slip n Slide purchased

Bikes and Helmets ready

I then attacked the activities that we would do outside of our home:

Golf Camp

Swimming Lessons

Pool Pass

Season Passes to local Theme Park and Water Park

Season Passes to the Zoo

Then it was time for the summer schedule:  (here is an idea of what we will do)

Morning:  Wake Up, Breakfast, Morning Chores, Get Dressed, Free Play and outdoor activities(this gives me time to exercise, clean the house, and get myself ready)

Afternoon:  Lunch, 15 minute Reading time, Activity Time(Alphabet Summer or Science), Rest time or Movie time, Free Play

Evening:  Dinner, Clean up for the evening, Play outdoors or Family Walk, Baths and Bed.

MWF: Alphabet Summer Days, or Science Project

Tuesday: Library and Park-Playdate Day

Thursday: Outing Day (theme park, zoo, or pool)

The kids are also well aware that I clean on Monday mornings.  They are responsible to help with chores, and be patient until bathrooms are clean and floors are vacuumed and moped.

Okay, I know you all must be thinking to yourself... this is one structured lady.  BUT.... Believe me when I say that my kids really do better when we have a plan and they know what to expect.  It makes our summer go by so beautifully. 

Of course I throw in a day when we just mix it all up and do none of those things, but for the most part my kids love every second of it.  I also love spending time with them.  It goes so quickly.  This school year made me realize how fast it really does go.  Especially when your kids are in school for the majority of their time.  I am happy to fill up our days doing fun, creative things together.  I have also found it causes less fights and commotion.Summertime

(This was our pet for the day last week.) 

We found him in our back yard... such a summer thing. 

To quote a line from my favorite children's book...

"All the places to Love

by Patricia Maclachlan,

"Where else, does an old turtle crossing the path make all the difference in the world?"

So... What are you doing this summer? 

Do you plan a summer schedule? 

Are you a fly by the seat of your pants kind of gal? 

However you plan to spend your summer...


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