Monday, June 29, 2009

{365 days of blogging}

Does that sound ambitious?  I want to find a little time everyday to just post something.  Some random thing that is going on in my life.  I hope to find time to snap a picture of the everyday things.  I have several in mind for the next few day. 

Yes, this will be another one of those goals that will go unfulfilled, but at least I am giving it a shot.

Today, I want to share about Service.

"When ye are in the Service of  fellow beings, ye are in Service of God."  Mosiah 2:17

Today I got to have these little cuties over to play.

Stella and Lindsay


These little friends belong to my girlfriend Jennifer.  Her husband was the loving Bishop of our Ward here, and now they are moving.  BOO HOO!!  I was able to help her today while the movers packed up their house.

I don't blog about this to receive recognition for my good deed. (which really was a piece of cake, they just played with my kids)  However, I blog about this to share how good it makes you feel to serve others. 

I have found that I truly enjoy service when I offer it myself.  I have been trying to find ways to reach out to others.  Really offering in the smallest ways can mean the biggest bit of good to others.

I have to admit that my reaching out to others has been completely non-existent for the last 4 months.  My social calendar completely FREE.  I did not take on any more then I had too.  I was in complete survival mode.  I am back on track again, and trying to pencil in a few things.  I would like a few items to be service.

I also like to give service to those who don't ask for it on a regular basis.  Those are the people who never have anything done for them.  Like Jennifer for example, she is always serving others, and sometimes I think it is hardly reciprocated.  She never complains, but I know how good it feels to be on the receiving end once in a while.

She has done so much for me.  She has watched my kids on numerous occasions.  She also brought me 2 home cooked meals while I was hanging my head over the toilet for 3 months.  It meant so much to me.  She is a great example of service.

What are you doing to serve your fellow men?  It doesn't have to be big.  Sometimes the smallest things mean so much.


Alaina and Mitchell said...

Wow! That IS ambitious! I started a little blog for my fiance and me to use after we get married but i've gotten a little anxious and posted a few times myself! It's way fun!

Your family is too cute :o) We miss you so much! Your kiddos are growing without me being there! I had serious hopes that maybe they'd just PAUSE!! And now there's a new little Swenson on the way that I may never get to meet! Sad day!!

Krysta said...

Very ambitious!!! But that's part of who you are. I'm glad you're enjoying your days again. :)

Your pictures look cute! I love the one of Isaac on your knee. He is your sunshine!

Sara said...

I will look forward to each and every post! I absolutely LOVE your cute little family blog! Go Andrea!

Jaron said...

Thanks for the reminder that I need to focus on something other than myself! Can't wait to get to check your blog everyday! (Since internet is one of my favorite things here. ;-D)

P.S. Glad to read you're feeling better! You're amazing!!

Tara said...

I'm catching up on your blog -- looks like I'd better stay current!! :) You're always impressing me, Andrea - I'm so glad you're feeling better. I'll always be grateful for your big acts of service to me when I was busy throwing up with pregnancy #3. You are such a good example to me!
I'm looking forward to many posts to come. :)

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