Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I always nest at the worst possible time.  It seems to be between 22-28 weeks.  Which actually does me no good because by the time I have the baby, it's disorganized again.

I tend to work on my nursery, and other household projects during this time.  Right now, I have been organizing closets, planning bedrooms, and making a play area.

It seems like every time we add to our family, I have new spaces to create.  Jex and Isaac will soon be sharing a room.  Stella and Baby Girl will be together as well.  That means Jex and Stella will be loosing their space since 2 babies will be napping at some point.  So..... I created this lovely little room in our Reading Area.Living Room 5

I hated to give up this space but it seemed much more useful to the kids, and since they love to play where I am it makes it very convenient when I am on the computer, or in the kitchen.Living Room 3

I have re-purposed our bookshelf as toy storage.  I am also in love with the Bins that I snatched up at Ikea.  What do you think? Book Shelf copy

So now when you walk in to my living room you see this:

Living Room 2

Isn't it Cozy?LIving Room 1

It is so funny because Jonathan and I actually like it better.  Toys in our living area; WHO KNEW? 

So.. I am enjoying mixing it up a bit.  I love taking something I already have and switching it around.  It adds a whole new life to an old space.  Well really not that old; but it was a good change.

Bye Bye Old Spaces....The Great Room

If you remember it used to look like this:The Reading Nook

Happy Nesting!! and playing in your new space.


Alison said...

I love it! Can you come help me decorate my house? You're awesome!

Dave and Lindsay said...

It looks good!! Hope you guys had a good time in Texas.

Krysta said...

I love it! It looks better than I even pictured it. Great job!!!

Pam said...

it looks great! Isn't it fun to organize!!

Roxanne said...

looks wonderful, andrea!!

Donna said...

You have such an eye for decorating!

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