Thursday, June 3, 2010

What I have learned Thursdays…

Over the last month, I have really been thinking about my job.  You see I work full time as a mommy, mother, mom, mama, oh and don’t forget… wife.  I wish I didn’t have to label it a job, but it is.  We all have moments in our jobs that we enjoy and some we don’t.  That is how motherhood is for me.

I don’t enjoy crumbs.  Anything to do with them, but that comes with motherhood.

I do enjoy hugs and kisses…and laughter… and giggles… and smiles… and the words, “I love you mommy.”

Flowers to me

I don’t like treating motherhood like a job, but sometimes it is necessary to think of it as one.

Any successful business has a plan, goals, and ideas.

In that regard, I am treating motherhood like a job.

I recently read in a book about the importance to have a plan.

Now, every Sunday, I sit down and formulate my plan.

What will we do this week?(with the kids and with Jonathan)

Are there any big projects we need to complete?

Where do we have to go?

Is there anywhere we want to go?

What will we eat?

What can I do in my mothering to be better? ie: Isaac’s tantrums and how I handle them

What do I need to accomplish this week?

Who will I serve this week?

What will I do for myself?

It takes me about 30 minutes.  I have been doing  this once my kids are in bed.  I may even lock myself in my room for 30 minutes each Sunday.

I find having my plan written down, helps me to put the plan in action.

I use this board to write my final plan on.  Then it is in plan sight.  I cross things off once I have finished them.

Closeup of board

I must say that our weeks are going much smoother now that I know what my expectations and responsibilities are.  I have a better handle on the type of mother I want to be.  I feel successful at my job.

Isn’t that what we all want?

It is nice to feel success.

It is even nicer to know that I am trying my hardest at the most important job in the world: Motherhood.


KW said...

Are you loving that book?? I am. Even though I don't have a lot going on right now as a mommy it gave some great ideas for later on. I read it in about a week.

Becky@Tea Party said...

I love your outlook on is a blessing to be a mother, even though it is a 24/7 lifetime job, it's the greatest job you could ever have. Thank you so much for your inspiring blog! Stop by and say hi!
Becky@ Tea Party

Krysta said...

I can't wait to get that book in the mail. I am so thankful to have a friend like you. Someone who always understands and always has wise words. You are such a great example. Thank you BFF! :)

Brunson's said...

Thanks for all this motherhood advice. That is truly what I need in my life right now. I feel like all the blogs are going all about decorating which is good to pull ideas from but I really need any ideas to make my day go much smoother so I can really get in the important things in life. This world is crazy and I want to do all I can as a mom to be able to teach my kids all I can. I have really been trying to be more organized. It helps us have more happy days! Thanks again.

Danee said...

Just wondering if you would be willing to share what book it is that you are reading? Maybe I missed where you said what it was. My Sunday night planning for the week always puts my week in line but I think that there are some other questions that I could be asking myself to get more out of my week. Love your blog!

Lindasue said...

Wow- you impress me Andrea! I found your link with Krysta's, my friend, how are you so talented, so wise, so creative, and so positive? I wish I knew you! Keep up the great work!
From, an admirer from afar.

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