Friday, June 4, 2010

When it doesn’t always go as planned.

Yesterday, I posted about making plans, but in the REAL world it doesn’t always go as planned.

Take last night for example. 

The Plan:

Dinner (homemade burrtios/ made from mexican beef that I shredded, cook and froze, and beans that I cooked in seasoning and froze in batches- see I really do have a plan)

Tidy up

Lay on the tramp and watch the stars with the kids

Catch lightening bugs

Kids off to bed

Time with Jonathan

Sleep in tomorrow

What really happened/The Unexpected Plan:

Jonathan calls has a late admit at the hospital and won’t be home until 8:00pm

We have dinner without Jonathan

I leave out the mess so he can eat when he gets home

It starts raining

Jonathan comes home just in time to say goodnight to Tessa

Instead of the trampoline, we climb on my bed and snuggle, tickle, have massages and my kids give me a manicure

I smile to myself because Isaac has the most adorable smile

Isaac and mommy

I realize that he has his moments, but he really is charming

Isaac and Mommy 2

Stella is combing my hair, and I feel my eyes getting heavy

Next thing I know it is 10:30pm and Jonathan is coming to bed.


He put the kids to bed

The house was still a mess

Mess 2

We never watched lightening bugs

I went to bed early

I did not sleep in

After I got up and brushed my almost pearly whites, I crawled back in bed.  I laid there thinking I should really get up and tidy the house.  I am  living in chaos now because the plan went bad.

Then I got the most wonderful feeling.  I realized that just because the plan had strayed from what I had in my head it did not mean that it went bad.  I was able to:

Enjoy some much needed time with my kids 

I got to go to bed early

I discovered some wonderful things about Isaac

I was able to relax

Who cares that I went to bed with dishes in the sink(which I hardly ever do) I got a night off

I got 9 hours of sleep.

I thought that when I woke up this morning, I would be so frustrated that the house was crazy.Mess

That was not the case, I was well rested so I did not need to sleep in.

I got going with the house by 6:30am, and it really wasn’t as bad as I made it in my head.

 I guess what I am trying to say is:

A plan is great.  It helps me on so many levels.


be aware that obstacles will always come along that make plans change.

Just roll with it. 

Make the best out of it.

Enjoy it.  Keep planning but:

Live in the moment of life because…

we all live in the REAL world.

A world that is far from perfect.


Beth Curtis said...

that sounds like a PERFECT evening. I just thing that is so sweet of your kids to let you stay asleep! and of your hubby of course for putting them down.

Heidi said...

I like that message and needed to hear it! Thanks for sharing it! There's nothing better than getting your hair combed by your kids, and snuggling with them too!

Jasons girls said...

Perfect Andrea !! Learning to roll with it is great !!

Krysta said...

I loved that post. That is real life. I can't think of ONE time that my plan has actually gone the way I planned. For real. I'm glad you went back to bed and ignored your mess. I think there is a reason we are told to go to bed early and rise early(as I am sitting here typing this up at 12:30 a.m.) Great job!

Christal said...

Now...THAT is MY life as I know it, and really how I like it! Enjoy!!! :)

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