Monday, June 7, 2010

My Wish…

We all have wishes in life.  I have too many to count.

Today, I wish that I could always remember just how cute and cuddly Tessa is right now.

I wish she would stay this way forever, but I know she won’t.  So I have to remember.

I wish I could remember every detail.

Tessa 7 months-3

I wish I  would not forget.

I remember this feeling with all my kids.  The panic to remember.  The longing to bottle them up, and never let them grow.

I would tell myself, “I won’t forget.” 




There are details that I can’t bring to the surface.

I wish, I could.

I wish that my memories would stay locked inside.

I hope someday I can have those memories back.

Jex 2 years and Stella 7 months

Jex and Stella

Saba, Netherlands Antilles April 2005

Isaac 2 years and Tessa 7 Months

Tess and Isaac

Nana Bradford’s June 2010



Krysta said...

Oh my gosh! She doesn't even look the same. I can not believe how much Tessa has grown since you were here. Ohhhhh...that really makes me sad.

Lindsey Jensen said...

That is awesome that you were able to capture a picture with both sets of children at that age!!! I love that!! I hope I can remember the little things too!!

KW said...

She looks so cute with her 2 little teeth. She is so cute. I forgot how little Jex and Stella once were too!

Beth Curtis said...

I feel the same way on a daily bases. I was just looking at pictures of when Beck was born and can't believe how small he was. I have to think it gets better though because he is so fun right now.

Lorinda said...

Tessa really is beautiful and there is something so scrumptious about her little chubs. All of your children are absolutely wonderful. Hey, your blog will help you remember....

Pam said...

Stella and Tessa do look a lot alike at 7 months. What a cute picture and of all 4 of them at the same ages!

pgkcb13 said...

I have that same feeling of panic at least once a day. There's already so much I can't remember about my daughter at earlier ages/stages and she's only 15 months! I try to take a million pictures and keep a journal of the cute things she says/does but I feel like there's still so much I'm missing. I find hope in your thought that those memories may come back some day.

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