Friday, October 30, 2015

Who you are.

I saw this quote today flash across the screen of the television while I running on the treadmill.

It said, What I wished I’d known:

 photo dreams_zpsozagngjw.jpg

…and I thought, “YES!! Yes!! Yes!!”

This is me.

When I was younger, I wished so badly that I would fit in.

Now, it’s my favorite thing about myself.  I love that I don’t fit in.

I pride myself on being different.

This is what I want my kids to know.  I want them to relish in being different.

 photo Family Pics 2015-7121_zpss8e04fsa.jpg

I don’t want them to worry about what people think.

I hope they will be true to who they are.

This picture says it all:

 photo Family Pics 2015-7564_zpsyjhmes33.jpg

We were having family pictures, and before you know it Tess breaks out in the Whip.

She just couldn’t help herself.  She had to be true to herself.

Then the other kids jumped right in too.

 photo Family Pics 2015-7578_zpsi3u1mrsl.jpg

Be yourself kiddos, because I love you just the way you are.

 photo Family Pics 2015-7580_zpskrgmclkq.jpg

(photos taken by Emily Chadwick)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Woodland Themed Baby Boy Shower

It’s been a long time since I got to host a Baby Shower.  All of my friends are mostly done having babies.  I really can’t believe I am out of the baby stage.  When you are in the trenches of it, you think it will never end.  Since we moved to Utah, I have adored getting to know the sweetest girl at church.  She is one of the kindest, most amazing women I have ever met.  She has a way with children.  She is an elementary teacher, and made the most wonderful nursery leader for our church. 

When she became pregnant, we as a church were so excited to think about having a little baby around.  Then during her pregnancy she had some complications that made it hard for her, and was very scary for a time.  She spent a good chunk of time on bed rest. 

Then they bought a new house right before the baby was due.  This meant they would be leaving our church boundaries, and now be going to church in a new building, at a new time.  So…. We decided to have a baby shower when the baby was born.  That way she would be off bed rest, and our church could meet adorable baby Beckett. 

Can I just tell you that I had so much fun planning this?

Well I did.  Here is a picture story, so you can see all the fun little details:

Brittany Morrill Baby Shower2

This is the invite I  created.  When I added the fox, I knew I had to do a woodland themed shower.

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0087_zpsszs1plg9.jpg

On a little trip to Hobby Lobby, I stumbled upon these awesome woodland pom-pom creatures.

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0088_zpszz8gcrhb.jpg

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0093_zpsjqu4cvhb.jpg

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0094_zpstkitbfo9.jpg

I have been dying to add feathers dipped in gold to some sort of festivity.  I knew this was the perfect one.

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0091_zpsgbjtcwrf.jpg

I bought a package of white feathers.  I laid them out on some cardboard, brushed the top half with watered-down glue, and sprinkled with glitter.  I used fishing line to hang them from the ceiling.

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0092_zpsxoleucxv.jpg

My favorite part of the whole baby shower was making this woodland themed onesie banner.

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0078_zps3pqpjpn8.jpg

I designed the t-shirt design in Photoshop. Then I used some transfer printer paper.  I made sure to reverse print them so they would transfer the right way, making sure the words wouldn’t be backwards.(believe me when I say I have made this mistake)

 photo baby shower-0083_zpszvunttv5.jpg

Then a little ironing on to the shirts and wa-la; you have a banner and a gift for the mom to take home.

 photo baby shower-0082_zpsb9jfzxbz.jpg

Tip: You can buy the transfer paper at Walmart(make sure to buy the one for stretchy fabric.)  I buy the onesies at Hobby Lobby. 

 photo baby shower-0080_zpse5fqbceq.jpg

I hung these up on a banner I already had on my mantle.  I just added the shirts with clothes pins.  When my friend was ready to leave, we took the onesies down, and she took them home for baby Beckett.

 photo baby shower-0077_zpsv7nwbvyb.jpg

I used my island for all the goodies that we served. 

 photo baby shower-0099_zpsnpnpjbdn.jpg

I really wanted to have a fun statement piece above the island.  I pulled out my trusty scrabble banner.  I love this thing because the letter stickers are removable and reusable.  It was so fun to see cute baby Beckett’s name in lights.

 photo baby shower-0101_zps9ed1ymvw.jpg

I had some fun making the utensils and napkins into a fun bow tie.

 photo baby shower-0097_zpsrdmehqmh.jpg

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0096_zpss64k8me2.jpg

They were used to eat all the delicious food.

 photo baby shower-0104_zpsozmscjio.jpg

I am so lucky because I have so many great friends from church who offered to pitch in and help with the food.

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0112_zpsx6x9hkwq.jpg

 photo baby shower-0123_zps6clxykla.jpg

 photo baby shower-0124_zpsxc8veqpf.jpg

 photo baby shower-0118_zpsvwu1zpmx.jpg

 photo baby shower-0125_zps6l5sn67q.jpg

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0127_zpsdr9wed44.jpg

I have to say that we had a pretty amazing spread.

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0133_zpscjxsxspk.jpg

I had fun experimenting and making up a deliciously yummy peach drink.

 photo baby shower-0108_zpspiawwj0m.jpg

…and to take home, a delicious chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting.

 photo baby shower-0107_zpsitttvm4b.jpg

Stella helped me add the little Thank you note to each cupcake, and we made sure that everyone knew they were to take home.

 photo baby shower-0105_zpsekcmh1sz.jpg 

I used chalkboards all over to give details about the food and the cupcakes.

 photo baby shower-0109_zpsswqauhoo.jpg

All in all… it was a great night.  It was so fun to see all the support and love for my sweet friend Brittany and her new baby.

 photo baby shower-0085_zpsdngtmcms.jpg

…and I?  I was in heaven, planning a party again.  I do love a good party.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Halloweenish 2

I’m Baaaack.  Inviting you to meet the skeletons, bats, and goblins that have invaded the inside of the house. (Read Halloweenish 1 by continuing on in the blog.)

These bats have been coming back each year for several years.  I’m thinking that I should name each and every one of them. Hmmm.  I can barely get my kids names right.  Maybe I’ll forgo naming the bats.

 photo Halloween Decorations-0207_zpsq8dm9ddd.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0330_zpsyedhwqwz.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0332_zps3qzsjpxy.jpg

…and the mantle.  It’s always the funnest to decorate.

 photo Halloween Decorations-0314_zpskzpp6a1i.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0321_zpsomccxngg.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0323_zpssnktrkwq.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0324_zps0jsl2a0q.jpg

I’m in love with this wooden bowl on my coffee table, it’s been fun to add some fun trinkets to it. 

 photo Halloween Decorations-0256_zpsd56ixqbc.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0218_zpstkg6lzdw.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0319_zpsndvl1t5k.jpg

Ya… my mother-in-law made this cute Halloween quilt.  Awesome huh?

 photo Halloween Decorations-0220_zpsguus0wex.jpg

The kids silhouettes got a face-lift this year.  I think they look better?   photo Halloween Decorations-0202_zpsuml8frwe.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0325_zpsncmrw70n.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0327_zpsdheszzrj.jpg

…and a little more gold sparkle for this cute skeleton too.

 photo Halloween Decorations-0206_zpstuczibis.jpg

This little window is fun because you can see it from the porch and get to enjoy it on the inside too.

 photo Halloween Decorations-0247_zpsymoe6ej3.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0248_zpsbvteevd6.jpg

A Halloweenish house wouldn’t be Halloweenish without Frank.

 photo Halloween Decorations-0253_zpsdo3cpeb4.jpg

Then a little bit more Halloweenish in the kitchen:

 photo Halloween Decorations-0199_zpsp7jtofze.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0200_zpseod2arv5.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0182_zpsmbic9pvn.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0183_zpsivpcseiw.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0186_zpsls9y2i2m.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0307_zpsyph2yvgx.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0309_zpsrk0prlh5.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0196_zpsx0kmpyqb.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0194_zps1anv2zdk.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0188_zps1f1rrx4h.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0190_zpsz81ajdet.jpg

You may have noticed that the Fallish house transformed pretty easily to Halloweenish house by just adding some gold skeletons, bats, and my new favorite decorating addition? The spider web.

I found these in a package at Michaels.  Look how cute they are under things.

 photo Halloween Decorations-0255_zpsicfavit6.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0334_zpsy61jbd3g.jpg

Oh, and don’t forget the cute little witches hats that the skeletons and Mr. Fox wanted to wear.

 photo Halloween Decorations-0246_zpsldtor32z.jpg

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  I’m sure you can tell that I absolutely love Halloween.

My favorite part about bringing all this spookiness together?

My kids.  The excitement of my kids.

That’s why we do what we do.  Right?

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