Saturday, October 10, 2015

Halloweenish 2

I’m Baaaack.  Inviting you to meet the skeletons, bats, and goblins that have invaded the inside of the house. (Read Halloweenish 1 by continuing on in the blog.)

These bats have been coming back each year for several years.  I’m thinking that I should name each and every one of them. Hmmm.  I can barely get my kids names right.  Maybe I’ll forgo naming the bats.

 photo Halloween Decorations-0207_zpsq8dm9ddd.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0330_zpsyedhwqwz.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0332_zps3qzsjpxy.jpg

…and the mantle.  It’s always the funnest to decorate.

 photo Halloween Decorations-0314_zpskzpp6a1i.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0321_zpsomccxngg.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0323_zpssnktrkwq.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0324_zps0jsl2a0q.jpg

I’m in love with this wooden bowl on my coffee table, it’s been fun to add some fun trinkets to it. 

 photo Halloween Decorations-0256_zpsd56ixqbc.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0218_zpstkg6lzdw.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0319_zpsndvl1t5k.jpg

Ya… my mother-in-law made this cute Halloween quilt.  Awesome huh?

 photo Halloween Decorations-0220_zpsguus0wex.jpg

The kids silhouettes got a face-lift this year.  I think they look better?   photo Halloween Decorations-0202_zpsuml8frwe.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0325_zpsncmrw70n.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0327_zpsdheszzrj.jpg

…and a little more gold sparkle for this cute skeleton too.

 photo Halloween Decorations-0206_zpstuczibis.jpg

This little window is fun because you can see it from the porch and get to enjoy it on the inside too.

 photo Halloween Decorations-0247_zpsymoe6ej3.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0248_zpsbvteevd6.jpg

A Halloweenish house wouldn’t be Halloweenish without Frank.

 photo Halloween Decorations-0253_zpsdo3cpeb4.jpg

Then a little bit more Halloweenish in the kitchen:

 photo Halloween Decorations-0199_zpsp7jtofze.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0200_zpseod2arv5.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0182_zpsmbic9pvn.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0183_zpsivpcseiw.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0186_zpsls9y2i2m.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0307_zpsyph2yvgx.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0309_zpsrk0prlh5.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0196_zpsx0kmpyqb.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0194_zps1anv2zdk.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0188_zps1f1rrx4h.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0190_zpsz81ajdet.jpg

You may have noticed that the Fallish house transformed pretty easily to Halloweenish house by just adding some gold skeletons, bats, and my new favorite decorating addition? The spider web.

I found these in a package at Michaels.  Look how cute they are under things.

 photo Halloween Decorations-0255_zpsicfavit6.jpg

 photo Halloween Decorations-0334_zpsy61jbd3g.jpg

Oh, and don’t forget the cute little witches hats that the skeletons and Mr. Fox wanted to wear.

 photo Halloween Decorations-0246_zpsldtor32z.jpg

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  I’m sure you can tell that I absolutely love Halloween.

My favorite part about bringing all this spookiness together?

My kids.  The excitement of my kids.

That’s why we do what we do.  Right?


Heather L. said...

Love it! You did a fabulous job!

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