Thursday, October 8, 2015


I am such a loser blogger. 

I wanted to share some of my fall decorations here, but now it’s time to share the Halloween stuff.? Really? October 8th? Wow!!

So… today I’ll share the fall stuff, and tomorrow you can see how I transformed it to the Halloween.

I actually kept most of the fall stuff the same, and then just added the spooky to it.(so stay tuned for the added spookiness)

So… if it interests you, you can see how we roll around here when fall arrives.

I love FALL, and I love adding that feeling to the house.

 photo Fall Decorations 2015-0216_zpsatknyel2.jpg

…and it starts at the front door.

Pumpkins, mums, and cabbages just scream FAAAAALLLLL!(did you hear me?, I was screaming!)

 photo Fall Decor  45_zpsstmxzjjp.jpg

 photo Fall Decor  44_zpsdazz5d1v.jpg

 photo Fall Decor  39_zpszo1lmxze.jpg

 photo Fall Decor  30_zpsskknjs1e.jpg

Chunkier, bumpier, and pumpkins with character.  Those are the ones I like.  They remind me of myself.  You know a little different from everyone else, and chunky, and bumpy, and lumpy, and ME.

 photo Fall Decor  33_zpsj4o0abab.jpg

 photo Fall Decor  27_zpseidlf6jb.jpg

 photo Fall Decor  35_zpsgr3xqxh8.jpg

 photo Fall Decor  34_zpsrvpuii1b.jpg

Now that you have felt the warm fall feelings on the porch, you should come on inside.


 photo Fall Decor  37_zpsgfxkaapf.jpg

 photo Fall Decor  36_zpssjvrhwjj.jpg

 photo Fall Decor  26_zpsjb4wkgm4.jpg

 photo Fall Decor  22_zpstxlwt5ie.jpg

 photo Fall Decor  23_zpssx2uh3qo.jpg

 photo Fall Decor  25_zps52kdehho.jpg

I really love to bring the real pumpkins in the house too, and when they aren’t real; three words: GOLD SPRAY PAINT.

 photo Fall Decor  21_zpsbtcx0a8k.jpg

 photo Fall Decor  20_zpsg9rogt0m.jpg

 photo Fall Decor  19_zps6osatfeo.jpg

 photo Fall Decor  18_zpsm0qsbphv.jpg

 photo Fall Decor  4_zpswbkfxgb9.jpg

….and then.  I couldn’t resist the new Pioneer Woman line of dishes that they sell @ Walmart.  The few pieces that I bought and added to the kitchen are really working with the fall goodness.

 photo Fall Decor  9_zpshzqoll4g.jpg

Swoon!! This pitcher… Pioneer Woman; You ROCK!!

 photo Fall Decor  13_zpsco4vj9ga.jpg

…and this measuring cup.  Which is even cuter when you add some flowers in a mason jar.

 photo Fall Decor  12_zpsajgs9lsy.jpg

 photo Fall Decor  16_zpsix3gscyx.jpg

I like to add fun holiday stuff to this old blue rustic tool box.

 photo Fall Decor  17_zps29glari1.jpg

 photo Fall Decor  15_zpsgsfsfbob.jpg

 photo Fall Decor  14_zpsxjhyqqpt.jpg

…and a few more Pioneer Woman goodies; beautiful blue goblets.

 photo Fall Decor  10_zpss6kzyfw7.jpg

 photo Fall Decor  11_zpsubhfsjvw.jpg

…and we end with more real live pumpkins for my island.  I just love pumpkins.  Did I already tell you that?

 photo Fall Decor  7_zpsoo1wtsir.jpg

I know.  You are swooning over that cute fox huh?  Isn’t he perfect for fall?  He was a special find that I stumbled upon at Walmart(never would have guessed), when I went to check out the Pioneer Woman dishes.

 photo Fall Decor  8_zpsewqdd44g.jpg

Oh, If you’re wondering?  That little fox is also a cookie jar!

“What does the fox say?”, you ask?

Thank you for stopping by.

Come back soon to see how the skeletons replaced Mr. Fox.


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