Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Woodland Themed Baby Boy Shower

It’s been a long time since I got to host a Baby Shower.  All of my friends are mostly done having babies.  I really can’t believe I am out of the baby stage.  When you are in the trenches of it, you think it will never end.  Since we moved to Utah, I have adored getting to know the sweetest girl at church.  She is one of the kindest, most amazing women I have ever met.  She has a way with children.  She is an elementary teacher, and made the most wonderful nursery leader for our church. 

When she became pregnant, we as a church were so excited to think about having a little baby around.  Then during her pregnancy she had some complications that made it hard for her, and was very scary for a time.  She spent a good chunk of time on bed rest. 

Then they bought a new house right before the baby was due.  This meant they would be leaving our church boundaries, and now be going to church in a new building, at a new time.  So…. We decided to have a baby shower when the baby was born.  That way she would be off bed rest, and our church could meet adorable baby Beckett. 

Can I just tell you that I had so much fun planning this?

Well I did.  Here is a picture story, so you can see all the fun little details:

Brittany Morrill Baby Shower2

This is the invite I  created.  When I added the fox, I knew I had to do a woodland themed shower.

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0087_zpsszs1plg9.jpg

On a little trip to Hobby Lobby, I stumbled upon these awesome woodland pom-pom creatures.

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0088_zpszz8gcrhb.jpg

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0093_zpsjqu4cvhb.jpg

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0094_zpstkitbfo9.jpg

I have been dying to add feathers dipped in gold to some sort of festivity.  I knew this was the perfect one.

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0091_zpsgbjtcwrf.jpg

I bought a package of white feathers.  I laid them out on some cardboard, brushed the top half with watered-down glue, and sprinkled with glitter.  I used fishing line to hang them from the ceiling.

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0092_zpsxoleucxv.jpg

My favorite part of the whole baby shower was making this woodland themed onesie banner.

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0078_zps3pqpjpn8.jpg

I designed the t-shirt design in Photoshop. Then I used some transfer printer paper.  I made sure to reverse print them so they would transfer the right way, making sure the words wouldn’t be backwards.(believe me when I say I have made this mistake)

 photo baby shower-0083_zpszvunttv5.jpg

Then a little ironing on to the shirts and wa-la; you have a banner and a gift for the mom to take home.

 photo baby shower-0082_zpsb9jfzxbz.jpg

Tip: You can buy the transfer paper at Walmart(make sure to buy the one for stretchy fabric.)  I buy the onesies at Hobby Lobby. 

 photo baby shower-0080_zpse5fqbceq.jpg

I hung these up on a banner I already had on my mantle.  I just added the shirts with clothes pins.  When my friend was ready to leave, we took the onesies down, and she took them home for baby Beckett.

 photo baby shower-0077_zpsv7nwbvyb.jpg

I used my island for all the goodies that we served. 

 photo baby shower-0099_zpsnpnpjbdn.jpg

I really wanted to have a fun statement piece above the island.  I pulled out my trusty scrabble banner.  I love this thing because the letter stickers are removable and reusable.  It was so fun to see cute baby Beckett’s name in lights.

 photo baby shower-0101_zps9ed1ymvw.jpg

I had some fun making the utensils and napkins into a fun bow tie.

 photo baby shower-0097_zpsrdmehqmh.jpg

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0096_zpss64k8me2.jpg

They were used to eat all the delicious food.

 photo baby shower-0104_zpsozmscjio.jpg

I am so lucky because I have so many great friends from church who offered to pitch in and help with the food.

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0112_zpsx6x9hkwq.jpg

 photo baby shower-0123_zps6clxykla.jpg

 photo baby shower-0124_zpsxc8veqpf.jpg

 photo baby shower-0118_zpsvwu1zpmx.jpg

 photo baby shower-0125_zps6l5sn67q.jpg

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0127_zpsdr9wed44.jpg

I have to say that we had a pretty amazing spread.

 photo Brittany Morrills Baby Shower-0133_zpscjxsxspk.jpg

I had fun experimenting and making up a deliciously yummy peach drink.

 photo baby shower-0108_zpspiawwj0m.jpg

…and to take home, a delicious chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting.

 photo baby shower-0107_zpsitttvm4b.jpg

Stella helped me add the little Thank you note to each cupcake, and we made sure that everyone knew they were to take home.

 photo baby shower-0105_zpsekcmh1sz.jpg 

I used chalkboards all over to give details about the food and the cupcakes.

 photo baby shower-0109_zpsswqauhoo.jpg

All in all… it was a great night.  It was so fun to see all the support and love for my sweet friend Brittany and her new baby.

 photo baby shower-0085_zpsdngtmcms.jpg

…and I?  I was in heaven, planning a party again.  I do love a good party.


Carrie Budzinski said...
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Carrie said...

This is SO cute and creative! Great job!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Perfect timing! This is so cute! I'm planning a woodland "one"derland party for my soon to be one year old! Love these ideas! I'd already bought those cute woodland poms at HL, too!!

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