Friday, May 15, 2015

House Tour- No. One’s Room

This post has been a long time coming.

I moved Jex down in the basement almost a year ago.  Remember when I shared what Stella’s room looked like after we moved them to the basement?

Well, it took me a while to feel like Jex’s room was ever completely finished.

 photo iphone-0248_zpscxrwaezn.jpg

It is finally there.

Jex’s room is really small, and we have one big bed in there so it makes it look even smaller.

 photo iphone-0250_zpshzqjasf7.jpg

We did that for two reasons:

1.  The bed was free.  It was my sister’s bed that she gave to us.  It had some ugly metal ironwork on it that I knocked out, and then I painted the pine looking wood gray.

 photo iphone-0214_zpsjlfdrfun.jpg

2.  I like our rooms to have queen size beds for guests.

I do love how it all came together, even if it is a little squished together.  Maybe someday, he will have a bigger room and all this will have a little more space.

  photo iphone-0217_zpsqbyxmumb.jpg

Jex loves his room.  It is his hangout space as it should be.  A 12 year old needs a space to chill, and be.

 photo iphone-0218_zps2g4l0cne.jpg

I love the colors we went with.

 photo iphone-0219_zpsgydlcojf.jpg

The sheets and comforter are from Target.

 photo iphone-0216_zpsfqtw5a3m.jpg

All the decorating pillows came from Ikea, with the exception of the deer head pillow which I made from a placemat found at Target.

 photo iphone-0221_zpsfzqcui1a.jpg

Above his bed, we added this deer head found at Hobby Lobby.  It is nice that deer heads are the “in-thing” right now, as the men in my life are really into hunting.  Although I don’t think I could ever hang a real, hair-covered, eyes staring at you animal in my house, so we settle for the plastic resin kind.

 photo iphone-0220_zps67d2pdk2.jpg

The prints on either side are the finishing piece I have been waiting for in this room.  They are old maps that I found at an antique store in Houston when I went to visit my BFF this spring. 

 photo iphone-0223_zpswzjb6inj.jpg

The wood frames come from Hobby Lobby.

 photo iphone-0222_zpsafrgoxwb.jpg

The two black circle mirrors have been hanging in my house for about 8 years now, but I still love them.  I love how it looks to have one on each wall.

 photo iphone-0347_zpsjx25jrvz.jpg

The black dresser was also an Ikea purchase.

 photo iphone-0225_zpssc6xvjnh.jpg

I think it was one of those “thinking cuss words, don’t really like to put together Ikea furniture” projects my husband so lovingly put together for me.  Y’all know how Ikea furniture can be.

 photo iphone-0251_zpstcy0ej06.jpg

We also found the lamps at Ikea. 

 photo iphone-0235_zps153pcqu7.jpg

Y’all know how I love to use what I have around the house, so we are using an old suitcase for Jex’s nightstand.  I absolutely love it in here.

 photo iphone-0226_zpsbdtvbogw.jpg

The bookshelf was something we had, and we all know that Jex needs a book shelf.  He loves books.

 photo iphone-0253_zpsub2yvyec.jpg

This has also become a spot for a few of his collections.

 photo iphone-0228_zpswofkkgzu.jpg

We used some of his geodes(or really cool rocks) as book ends.

 photo iphone-0337_zpsxxfdswxs.jpg 

He also scatters it with a few of his favorite little trinkets.

 photo iphone-0244_zpse9qakgxq.jpg

I loved seeing this tie tack loitering around on some old books on his shelf.

 photo iphone-0245_zps4phadv2z.jpg

When we were putting this room together, it was important to Jex that he had a desk to do homework.

 photo iphone-0254_zpsszgaefga.jpg  

We found this small desk at Ikea and knew it was perfect.

 photo iphone-0241_zpsyrosuvjp.jpg

It fits perfectly behind his door.  Space is limited so we have to use all the nooks and crannies.

 The orange chair from Ikea was a must to add a little pop of fun.

 photo iphone-0240_zpsybpkahv5.jpg

Then we used clipboards to hang his baseball cards.  I love this little corner.

 photo iphone-0242_zps3vg4krmv.jpg

Jex sits here often, and uses this space for art.  He is really growing a passion for art right now.

We littered his room with photos.  Of course, pictures are my signature decorating tool.

 photo iphone-0227_zpsmredrdbo.jpg

We made sure to add some of him playing baseball.  Black and White seemed like the best finish to print them in for this room.

 photo iphone-0239_zpslouewq1b.jpg

I bought him this cheap guitar a long time ago, hoping that he would pick it up someday.  Still hasn’t picked it up.

 photo iphone-0236_zpshcjikaxr.jpg

It does look cool in his room, and brings in more of the earthy, woodsy, colors and feel.

 photo iphone-0255_zpspwzgifmb.jpg

These orange metal magnet squares have been in Jex’s room for a long time.  My dad built them for me years ago.  I still love them, and so they stay for now.

 photo iphone-0261_zpsccjff9od.jpg

My favorite piece in this room is the rug.  The rug was the jumping off point for this room.  We started with the rug, and went from there.

Thanks for going through another room on our house tour.

You’re the best. 

In a time when it’s difficult to make time to read blogs, thanks for stopping by here.


KW said...

It's so funny that I've never even looked in his room when visiting. The pictures were all knew to me. I love it!

Leslie Posey said...

It looks perfect for a teenager boy!! I love it and I love the color scheme! You always do a great job! I can't believe he is 12 yrs old!!

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