Monday, June 23, 2014

A new place to lay your head: Stella’s new room

We have always had our children share a room.  Even from the time they were babies they shared.  I have loved every minute of watching our kids grow closer in their shared rooms.

There has always been lots of giggling, story telling, snuggling and so much fun being had in those rooms.

However, the time came to split up the kids.  It was more about separating tweens from children; then separating the fun. 

I was actually so sad to have my kids not share anymore; but it became a matter of necessity. 

Of course, we could have kept kids together and put the olders and the youngers together; but we had the extra bedrooms so it made since not to mix girls with boys.

I thought you might enjoy seeing the finished products.

We have lived in this home for almost a year now, and I haven’t even shared their original bedrooms here on the blog. 

I guess it’s time to continue on with our house tour.

I tried to do this on the smallest budget and bought very little.

I also did the switch and put all the rooms together in just a weekend.

Today I will give you the tour of Stella’s room.

Stella moved down to our guest room.

Here is the before:

 photo BasementBedroomsBefore-0257_zps53ebb147.jpg

 photo BasementBedroomsBefore-0264_zps4866f891.jpg

 photo BasementBedroomsBefore-0265_zps4e364832.jpg

I put this guest space together when we moved in; using all the extra stuff I had.  The only thing I bought for this space were the curtains(my mom actually bought them for my birthday.)

Here it is as Stella’s room:

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0258_zps24d0f016.jpg

We kept the bed and bedding.  We added the colors of mint, coral, gold, navy, and pink; Stella’s choice.

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0261_zps4461287e.jpg

We used furniture that we already had in her old room. 

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0260_zps1e80df68.jpg

The owl pillow was something she just had to have.  I have one in our family room; and she requested the same for her room. 

Hobby Lobby $9.99

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0240_zps12793d00.jpg

This lamp was our jumping off point.  We found it and centered the whole room around it. 

Target $20.

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0249_zps5eee3d54.jpg

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0241_zps15a0dbd2.jpg

This chalkboard was something I made out of some old kitchen cabinets found in an old home that was being torn down. 

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0248_zps978e3c56.jpg

I chose the quote because of her determination at her recent mile run.  She believed she could do it; and she did.

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0245_zpsffa6f7d1.jpg

This vanity was in her old room.

We painted the knob on this vanity and the base of the chair with some gold spray paint, and recovered the top with some navy fabric.

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0242_zps73c7a6d8.jpg

I bought the white frames at IKEA and Hobby Lobby, and I bought this print from a cute little Etsy shop; found here.

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0244_zps6654c841.jpg

You will also notice I used some beautiful mint spray paint to paint some accessories, and pieces of furniture we had.

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0268_zpsfa0b265f.jpg

The gold spray paint once again came in handy on the handles. Sometimes it’s the little touches.

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0269_zps79cd2326.jpg

I picked up this lamp base at our local thrift shop for $4.  I added the shade picked up at Walmart for $7.

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0270_zps5cbcfe4b.jpg

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0253_zpsb5e83951.jpg

Stella wanted a wall of prints.  We picked these out on Etsy also.  They all came from this shop here.

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0254_zpse50f5c0f.jpg

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0271_zps515a50b2.jpg

I had a few of the frames, some came from IKEA, and the owl canvas came from another room in the house.

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0272_zpse179dcc9.jpg

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0255_zpsf223a3b6.jpg

We already had this Paris print in another part of our home.  It totally belongs in this space.

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0257_zps8deee88a.jpg

…and I just can’t get rid of these dance prints of Stella that have been in her room for years.

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0250_zpse908c389.jpg

I shopped my Christmas storage bin and pulled out my hanging star light from IKEA as a nice touch.

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0265_zps52da033c.jpg

It’s may favorite at night.

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0262_zps60d958e0.jpg

Good night Stella…

 photo SummeraroundhereJune2014-0054_zps5d5a2bb8.jpg

I am so glad we could give you a new space.


Eileen said...


Danee said...

You know I'm am always a fan of your re purposing. Such great ideas Andrea. Good to see you back and healthy again

Danee said...

You know I'm am always a fan of your re purposing. Such great ideas Andrea. Good to see you back and healthy again

Leslie Posey said...

It looks great!! Great job mom and stella

Kathy@mishmashmom said...

Love this! Everything is beautiful. Great job!

Enjoying this beautiful life we've created said...


KW said...

I actually bought that same arrow & flower print along with a couple others to put in my living room! The room turned out great. So cute. I bet she is loving having her own room.

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