Wednesday, June 18, 2014

May happenings

At times, May feels busier than December. 

We had a lot going on during the month of May.

It is always such a fun time of getting out in the warm weather; and getting excited for summer.

…so here is my picture overload for the month of May. 

I have a hard time just sharing one picture about the event.  I love how details in pictures share so much of the story.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Jonathan and I celebrated our 15 year anniversary.  We stayed local because of all the activities our kids had going on.  I was secretly hoping we could sneak away and go to the Caribbean, but it wasn’t in the cards. 

I wanted one picture of us as a reminder of what we did for #15. One of our favorite things to do on our anniversary is to try and remember how we spent each one.

I am trying out the camera to see if it will work to take a picture of us in the full length mirror at the hotel.  I have to share because I think it is funny.

 photo 15yearanniversary-0161_zpse122759a.jpg

…so this didn’t work out so well:

 photo 15yearanniversary-0163_zpsbeb27198.jpg

Finally an o.k. shot.  Happy Anniversary Love!! I am so grateful you picked me 15 years ago.

 photo 15yearanniversary-0166_zps6a26b26d.jpg

The kids had their spring piano recital.  I included a video for the grandparents, aunts and uncles; and for those of you who are interested in the piano skillz of the kiddos.  …and they have skillz.

 photo SpringPianoRecital2014-0129_zpsea0c107a.jpg

Jex piano recital

 photo SpringPianoRecital2014-0122_zpsaeefd0bb.jpg

They have both been playing for not quite 2 years now.  I am impressed.

Stella Piano recital

I was able to spend a nice morning doing an angel walk/run with a group of loved ones in honor of baby Ruby.

 photo AngelRun-0152_zps075b6e4f.jpg

My dad and I did it together.  I was impressed with him.  Most importantly, I enjoyed spending the morning with him.

 photo AngelRun-0157_zps48d60002.jpg

Speaking of running.  The 3rd – 5th graders at our elementary school do a mile run.  Stella came in 2nd place for the 3rd grade girls.

 photo NorthParkMile-0074_zps99eaf886.jpg

She was right behind her wonderful friend Bria who took first.

 photo NorthParkMile-0076_zps27f9cdd2.jpg

Jex took 3rd place for his grade.

 photo NorthParkMile-0101_zps8fd2e056.jpg

I didn’t know I was raising a family of runners.

 photo NorthParkMile-0107_zps5b7dab3a.jpg

They both qualified for the big race against the other schools in the valley at the local high school.  It was so fun to have 2 kids in that race.  I was a proud mama that day.

 photo NorthernUtahMile-0202_zps3b144cd4.jpg

Isaac graduated from Kindergarten.  Here he is in his program; doesn’t he look excited.

 photo IkeKindergartenGraduation-0185_zps3c277587.jpg

He had such a great teacher who made an entire scrapbook full of art and pictures for each child.

 photo IkeKindergartenGraduation-0188_zpsef36d1ff.jpg

We love you Mrs. Ashcroft!

 photo IkeKindergartenGraduation-0195_zps35b35d2f.jpg

He had to show me his scrapbook right away.  He was so proud of all he had accomplished.

 photo IkeKindergartenGraduation-0191_zpsdcc813c8.jpg

Tess graduated from preschool.  She loved her teacher this year; Miss Becky.

 photo TessaPreschoolGraduation-0231_zpsc943122a.jpg

She also got to go to school with her cousin Jane; which is one of the beauties of living near family again.

 photo TessaPreschoolGraduation-0235_zpsff5a8dd2.jpg

Tess had her spring dance recital.  Tess has been fighting fevers that appear for no reason for the last several years. She happened to get a fever the weekend of her dance recital.  The recital she had been counting down to all year. 

She decided she would pray and ask for the strength she needed to dance.  She was all the sudden given the energy she needed.  Energy she hadn’t had in a few days.  I was so proud of her determination, and thankful Heavenly Father heard and answered her prayer.

 photo TessasDanceRecital-0320_zpsd321a9a1.jpg

..and doesn’t she just look soooo cute?

 photo TessasDanceRecital-0317_zpscc6f68e5.jpg

She has danced all year with some darling friends.  They all happen to be Isaac’s age and go to Kindergarten with him.

 photo TessasDanceRecital-0342_zps68d02c58.jpg

I have included one of her dance videos.  This was her last dance of the evening and you can tell she is losing her energy by the end.  Poor baby.

Here she is at the end of the recital.  She was too tired to even dance the finale.  So we took her home and put her to bed.  You can tell she is miserable.

 photo TessasDanceRecital-0368_zps6247e471.jpg

Speaking of miserable.  Here she is on the last day of school.  We are getting ready to have a surprise water fight with all the kids when they get off the bus, and she doesn’t want to be here.  Although she insisted that she come. 

 photo LastDayofSchoolParty-0275_zps7cc1d5a6.jpg

Isaac is ready to nail the kids with his water gun.  Ready, aim, fire.

 photo LastDayofSchoolParty-0296_zpsa898d783.jpg


 photo LastDayofSchoolParty-0286_zps7418a467.jpg

I hope you wanted to get wet!!

 photo LastDayofSchoolParty-0288_zpsc01a9de3.jpg

We live in the best neighborhood.  We enjoyed a water fight and pizza; which is a neighborhood tradition.

These are the kind of things I wanted for my kids; neighborhood traditions, and neighborhood camaraderie.  I am so happy to be settled in such a wonderful place.

We are blessed.

 photo LastDayofSchoolParty-0292_zpscdd3e67f.jpg

I didn’t think I could be anymore lucky, and then I look at all these pictures and realize…

 photo LastDayofSchoolParty-0304_zps83b6646e.jpg

just how lucky I am.


Emily said...

Hi Andrea, I have followed your blog for the past couple of years. I have enjoyed your beautiful pictures, and fun projects you post, but I keep following because you are such an inspiration to me as a mother. I felt inspired to comment because my five year old daughter too has been fighting fevers since she was 18 months old. We have been to the whole gamut of doctors and specialists. She was diagnosed with PFAPA and is treated with a small dose of Prednisilone at the onset of each fever. It is comforting to know that there are others out there that are dealing with a similar issue. Here's to hoping our sweet little girls grow out of this!!

KW said...

Jex's piano video said private. Poor Tess, hopefully you can figure out what is wrong. What an awesome tradition, I hope to see that with my kids as well.

Leslie Posey said...

Wow jex and Stella are great piano players!! They did a fantastic job!!

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