Tuesday, June 26, 2012

uncompleted house tour….Girls Room

As I have been thinking about leaving our home in Arkansas and venturing to our new home in Pennsylvania, I realized that I never finished our House Tour.  Although we don’t live in our house in Arkansas any longer, I still want to have our house documented.

I want to make sure that I have memories of each room of that house.

I love that house.  I miss that house.

I also love love love my girls room.


When I picked the colors for my girls room, I hadn’t planned on picking green and pink.  However, I was given baby bedding for Tess from a friend and it just so happened to be in these colors.  I am a girl who loves FREE stuff.  I especially love CUTE FREE stuff.  I took those colors and ran with them.  Tess is no longer in her crib, but I still use that bedding.  You can see the quilt on her bed. It also helped me pick the most beautiful shade of green for the walls.


I had a lot of fun putting this room together.  In doing so, I kept Stella’s bedding.  She has a beautiful quilt in creamy whites and tans.  I love it because it is so neutral.  I was able to tie it all in by adding pillows in the pink and green shades.


I wanted each girl to have their monogram above their bed. I ordered them online from a vinyl company.  That company just so happens to be out of business now.

I made this fun flower mobile to go above Stella’s. 


When Tess out grew her crib, we bought her the most adorable pink toddler bed.


…and then Santa brought her a cute pink kitchen to match.


I found this white desk at a flea market for $30.


It already had glass knobs on it, and they fit the room perfectly.


I also found the milk glass lamps at the flea market for just $16 for both.  I had stumbled upon these shades at the dollar general; weird, I know.


The girls dresser in the room was mine as a young girl.  My great grandfather made it.  It has been painted several times.


…and it has been painted once again.  After these pictures were taken, and right before we moved; I found this new dresser for the girls.


The other dresser in the girls room was then painted black(like days before we moved out of our house; I know I am nuts) and I put it in the boy’s room.  Their dresser was falling apart, and I was looking to replace it before the move.


The new dressers will be the ones to go in their new rooms in Pennsylvania.

The details in the girls room are some of my favorite.


I added some antique pins to pillows, and glass knobs to hang frames.


I also used them to tie back the curtains.


Curtains that I made out of a flat white sheet.


I added some green pom pom trim to some of the pillows and blankets.


Pillows and blankets that I made out of a pink chenille robe that I found at a flea market.  It is so fun to think outside of the box when searching for the perfect fabric or textile for the room.  It is also fun to add monogramed pillowcases to beds.  Pillowcases are also so easy to make.


As I think about all these details and pieces of furniture I am aware that this room will not be able to go back together the same way in our new home.  The bedrooms in our new home are so small.  I will be rearranging everything to make it fit.

My head has been spinning as I have been thinking about how I will put it all together. 

Our closets are also so much smaller.  I will not be able to put all of this in the girls new closets.


We had great closets in our house in AR.

I am thankful that I documented how our home looked for the last four years.

Even though we will take all of the same items to our new home, I assume that it will all go together very differently.

Stay tuned for a house tour of our new house.

Same stuff, but very different house;  furniture and décor in all new locations.

I like to move things around.  You probably noticed that from a few of these pictures of my girls room.  Some of these pictures were taken at different times.

I am already moving things around in my head in our new house.

Thanks for touring my girls old bedroom.

P.S.  I finally updated my photography blog.  I am 10 sessions behind; check it out.


Ashlee said...

Looks great Andrea! You are so talented!

Shelby@ My Perfectly Imperfect World said...

I love all your rooms! This room is super precious! I too miss many of the rooms from our old house, in our new house (3 years old!!) I'm still trying to finish each room. Smart girl taking pictures of the rooms in your old house!!

Simply Domestic said...

I love your decorating! The closet is soooo organized! Good luck on your move.

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