Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mae Mae’s room and a FREEBIE… {House Tour continued}

…so Stella and Mae Mae have shared a room since little Tessa Mae was born.

Tess Crib

…and now that we have moved Stella to her own space, we did a little tiny revamp on Tessa’s room and this is what we ended up with:

 photo TessasRoom-0365_zpsf56828a9.jpg

I wish I had taken a picture of what it looked like when Stella was in it.

This is what it looked like when we put an offer on it:House-0539


I left the tree up for a while after we moved in because the girls liked it; and I had green pillows so it worked.

I was getting tired of the tree, so we took it out, got rid of the green in the room, and added some black and orange to the already pink and blue.

 photo TessasRoom-0364_zps0ca6e48b.jpg

I got the color inspiration from our already existing playroom; and I didn’t want to spend any money.

I also love the challenge of re-doing with what you already have. 

I knew the majority of our playroom stuff would look great in Tessa’s room.

….and since we were getting rid of the playroom to make a new bedroom for Jex it worked out perfect.

This is what the playroom looked like:

Basement Bedrooms Before-0252

The playroom is now Jex’s room(more to come on that real soon.)

We used a majority of the furniture in Tessa’s room for Stella’s new room.

 photo TessasRoom-0379_zps582c7fb4.jpg

I knew that would be fine because I could replace it with some fun 4 year old girly pieces we had in the playroom.

 photo TessasRoom-0381_zpsf39153e5.jpg

Like the cutest pink retro kitchen, and most adorable white table.

 photo TessasRoom-0366_zpse25dd30c.jpg

…but with the bringing up of the playroom furniture that also meant bringing up all the toys.  Thankfully Tess has a great closet for that.

 photo tessasroom-0437_zps18463236.jpg

The only thing I bought new for Tessa’s room was this orange pillow.

 photo TessasRoom-0369_zpsb36475bb.jpg

I saw this cute idea for a printable on Pinterest a while back; idea found here.

I decided I wanted one for our playroom; but I needed different colors.

 photo TessasRoom-0371_zps397f0fae.jpg

So I made my own, and added one to say and he has sent me here.

 photo TessasRoom-0373_zpsea84ce57.jpg

I loved them so much in the playroom, and wanted to bring them in to this space.  These prints were really the jumping off point for adding the orange and black to her room.

Basement Bedrooms Before-0259Basement Bedrooms Before-0260

( previous playroom)

I also sewed the banner for the playroom, but love how it looks strung around the room for Tess.

 photo TessasRoom-0364_zps0ca6e48b.jpg

This room makes me so happy.

 photo TessasRoom-0377_zpsdb75af50.jpg

I hand painted this sign with some old wood I found in our basement before we moved to this house.  It has been here in the girls room since we moved in…and so it stays here; because I love them to the moon and back.

 photo TessasRoom-0370_zpsdcd5f887.jpg

One of the best features to this room is the custom trim and molding.  It gives this room such character.  I fell in love with this bedroom when I saw the house online.  It’s fun to be decorating it now.

 photo TessasRoom-0368_zpsedc09452.jpg

 photo TessasRoom-0385_zps94c508fc.jpg

If you would like to have this printable for your own house(without the watermark, of course)…

I am a child of God

you can download it by clicking on the prints.

and he has sent me here

The are FREE and to be used for personal use only.

See how cute they look side by side:

I am a child of Godand he has sent me here

Sorry they are only available in this color.

Thanks to Courtney Aitken for the idea of the first print.

She has some really wonderful prints; you should check them out.

For those of you who don’t know where this saying comes from, you will enjoy listening to this beautiful song; and feel the spirit that is involved with it.  It is a song our children sing at church.  I have been singing it since I was a little girl, and I have been singing it to my children since they day they were born.

First verse to the song, “I am a child of God”:

written by Naomi W. Randall

I am a child of God

and he has sent me here

has given me an earthly home

with parents kind and dear

Lead me, Guide me, walk beside me

help me find the way

teach me all that I must do

to live with Him someday.

This song is a reminder to me that it is my job to help these beautiful children learn the way.  We are each his children, and we can all help each other follow His footsteps.

It’s nice to see these words on the wall in my home, and reminder of my job to lead, guide, and walk beside.



katie@tulsadetails said...

Beautiful, as always!! Love the bunting!!!

Leslie Posey said...

It looks great!! You really should be a designer!! You can throw colors together and it works!

Caitlin said...

Her room looks amazing! Where did you find that adorable little table? I've been looking for one for Brooklyn and can't find one that I love.

KW said...

It turned out so cute. Love the orange added to it!

Jen said...

Love it! Please share how you made the banners! Or if you are interested in making some to sell:) Thanks!

Jaron said...

Speaking of printables, we just got back from Canada and while we were there my sister showed me a gift from her friend in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. It was a frame with printables to put up throughout the year. I recognized some of the printables as yours. Haha! It was too funny. Very cute rooms but Stella's is WAY too grown up!! Tell me she's still little! ;)

Jaelynn said...

I just found this through Pinterest, and I am in lOVE with this room! I have two little girls and I am at a loss on how to decorate their rooms. I love these ideas though! Now if I could just hire you to tell me what to do with the rest of my house.... :)

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