Friday, July 18, 2014

Busy Summer Days…

We have really been enjoying our summer.  We have been up to a lot of busy fun around here.

Here is what we haven been up to this month…


 photo HanksBirthday-0550_zps21b17e09.jpg

It is so nice to be closer to family now and enjoy attending birthday parties.

Especially parties for a little one year old as cute as this:

 photo HanksBirthday-06062_zps5bd19507.jpg

Happy Birthday Hank!

Celebrating the Fourth of July is always one of my favorites:

 photo FourthofJuly2014-0689_zps7fdd56e1.jpg

 photo FourthofJuly2014-0686_zpsd5fa9386.jpg

 photo FourthofJuly2014-0691_zps65893964.jpg

A little road trip to Jonathan’s Family Reunion in Vernal:

 photo VernalFamilyReunion2014-0530_zpsff75225f.jpg

The kids enjoy spending time with their cousins.

 photo VernalFamilyReunion2014-0489_zpsb44eb0d9.jpg

 photo VernalFamilyReunion2014-0522_zpsd1056087.jpg

Scrapbooking weekend with my sister and friends:

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0459_zps4f89c55a.jpg

 photo scrapbookweekendmantua-0463_zps42f867b4.jpg

Stella planning and preparing for a bake sale with friends:

 photo HanksBirthday-0534_zps68f34d66.jpg

Which seems to be a summer right of passage, but I must say it is a one time passage for me.

 photo HanksBirthday-0537_zpse45abd3d.jpg

It was a wonderful teaching moment for these girls, but I must say that I don’t love when my kids ask people for money.

I would rather teach them to bake and then just share the treats as a kind of service for someone.

 photo HanksBirthday-0539_zps929ae302.jpg

…but Stella loved it, and that’s all that matters.

Of course, summer is full of all those fun live in moment moments.

 photo VernalFamilyReunion2014-0506_zps3a1c4ea9.jpg

Tess reminds me often to enjoy the moment.

 photo VernalFamilyReunion2014-0507_zpsa1655a00.jpg

The older kids are becoming more and more independent, but she still demands my help and time.

  photo VernalFamilyReunion2014-0499_zpsabbdaea6.jpg

Which is a good reminder of what my job is; a mother.

…and we just got home from a wonderful week in Pennsylvania.

 photo PAVisittoMahoneys-0043_zps643f8542.jpg

 photo PAVisittoMahoneys-0054_zpsc5e1bf7a.jpg

it was so nice to reconnect and see our friends again.

 photo PAVisittoMahoneys-0037_zpse32c3fde.jpg

…and right now this very moment

8 screaming kids are running around the yard and,

I am chilling on the couch by my bestie Krysta.

Krysta and her family are here from Houston to visit.

…pictures to come.

Hope your summer is going along great.


KW said...

Looks like you guys are having fun. Can't wait to see everyone this week!

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