Wednesday, August 27, 2014


It’s been a summer of discovery for me.

 photo MuseumofNaturalDiscovery-01762_zps7fd42082.jpg

I am discovering more about who I am, and who I want to become.

I have really discovered some characteristics that I don’t like about myself

….and a few that I do.

I discovered that I hate being on my computer because it’s too slow.

I discovered that’s why I hated blogging and anything to do with pictures.

I discovered it was time for a new computer.

So I here I sit on my new beautifully fast computer; purchased for my birthday by my sweet hunky hubby.

It has made all the difference today.

I discovered that it takes time to get a new computer all set up with software, fonts, and information you need to blog and edit.

I have discovered that blogging is still important to me, and I like it better when I can do it quickly.

Sometimes you have to take a break from something to truly realize how much you miss it.

I want to make this a priority.

Especially since I listened to this talk.

…and I have discovered that I want my kids to know how important it is to #sharegoodness; after listening to this talk.

I discovered that I miss my kids when they are at school, but…

I don’t miss all the chaos and bickering that having them all home during the summer brings.

I discovered that moving back home to Utah by our extended family can really keep you busy during the summer.

I discovered that I LOVE IT!!

I discovered that I love being with my sisters more then anything.

I also discovered that I have used the word discovered way to much in this post.

…and now I realize I have nothing more to say today.

I hope to be back again soon.

… because I discovered I need to find the time for this.


julie said...

It's so lovely to have you back :) I'm so glade you have been discovering lots about yourself, that has to be a good thing. Yay for your new computer and belated b'day wishes to you xx

Cole said...

You said it so beautifully! I hear ya-Yes, I have completely dropped off the face of the earth with my blogging. There will be a day where I might again blog. But oh the other things to do and play and learn and create. I have found that for me blogging is something that is never ending. Although satisfying in the moment it is unlike finishing a quilt where you are done.
I do love reading your blog! It is almost like you take the words and thoughts right out of my mouth!
Hope your summer was grand and your fall is even grander. :)And again, thanks for sharing & being real! Love it!

KW said...

We LOVE having you home. It has been a really busy summer but so so fun!!!

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