Thursday, May 16, 2013

A little gift…

I really enjoy putting gifts together for people. 

I made some beautiful coffee filter peonies for a gift this last week. I gave them to the kids teachers for teacher appreciation.  I also made some for a few of my girlfriends for Mother’s Day.

 photo Teacherappreciationgift-0024_zpsb190c13b.jpg

It was a little time consuming; but I enjoy creating so it was worth it.

What you need:

small coffee filters

large coffee filters

green floral tape

floral wire

food coloring


a deep pan

cooling rack over a cookie sheet



potting soil

I really wanted to try dying the coffee filters. I have seen it done all over Pinterest.  What held me back was that everything I seen had people hanging and drying coffee filters over their house for days.  I found a tutorial where she put the filters in the dryer.  That changed everything for me, so I gave it a go.

I used this video tutorial for dying the filters.  She does a wonderful job showing you how to do it.  It is worth watching.

Here is my version in simple Andrea terms.

1. put cold water, 4 T. of vinegar and your choice of food coloring in a deep pan.  (I followed the back of the food coloring box to get the desired color) 

2.  Separate your coffee filters.  You need 5 large and 5 small to make each peonie.  I dyed the sizes separatly so that I knew which were which.

 photo Teacherappreciationgift-0010_zps93d9ca3b.jpg

3. Submerse all of your small coffee filters in the dye.  Use tongs to swish them around.  Let sit 5 minutes.

 photo Teacherappreciationgift-0008_zps80c46923.jpg

4.  Pull out the filters.  Squeeze out the extra dye over the dish of dye.  You can do this to a whole bunch at once.  Lay them on the cooling rack.

 photo Teacherappreciationgift-0009_zpsc1396b28.jpg

5.  Separate the filters and place them in your dryer.  Dry for 15 minutes.

6. Repeat with the larger filters.

So Easy and beautiful.

Once they were dyed; I followed this tutorial to make the peonies.  She does a beautiful job of explaining it, so I will not repeat.

These were time consuming.  I found it easiest to do them in a production line.

 photo Teacherappreciationgift-0014_zps2b1faf5e.jpg 

Cut them all first, and then put them all in the wire and wrap next….and so on.

 photo Teacherappreciationgift-0017_zpsc45ebd64.jpg

Once all your peonies are finished, I filled my little buckets with potting soil. 

 photo Teacherappreciationgift-0016_zps5796b539.jpg

Then I arranged the peonies.

 photo Teacherappreciationgift-0013_zpsa1f912e4.jpg

I attached a sweet little tag with ribbon, and they were ready to give as gifts.  Our kiddos also wrote the sweetest note of appreciation to their teachers.

 photo Teacherappreciationgift-0021_zps544f1056.jpg

This project took me about 4 hours.  I made 18 peonies. 

I love how beautiful they are and so I made some for myself as well.

 photo Teacherappreciationgift-0022_zps4ffbbdc5.jpg

I currently have them in a vase with potting soil, but once we move I plan to use the crystal water to give the illusion of water in a vase.

I have found that stuff does not move well in the heat; so I will wait.

I also love how these flowers look on this piano, and want to recreate this same idea in our new home with my new coffee filter peonies.



These would be a great gift to lift the spirits of a friend because they are flowers that don’t die.

I can’t wait to dye more coffee filters and come up with some more projects.

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Andrea Worley said...

those are really fun! love that you made them a different color too!

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