Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I really love being a mother.  Mother’s day is always a good reminder of how lucky I am. 

I started my morning by looking over my kids baby scrapbooks.  Oh what a blessing babies are; and I was blessed with four beautiful babies.

   photo Mothersday2013-0035_zpsab871358.jpg

I am thankful for my four babies.  I love being a mom to 4.

Even when people look at me like a crazy person because I have 4 kids.

 photo Mothersday2013-0039_zps1f14449b.jpg

I like being a crazy mom of 4.

My hubby and kids spoiled me with a nice dinner, beautiful cards and notes.

They also made me some coupons.

Stella pointed out a watch to Jonathan that I had been eyeing.  Good Job Stella! Jonathan wrote me the sweetest note that he gave me with the watch.  He used the word time often, and how I give of my time.  The watch seems to be a very fitting gift for Mother’s Day.  Mothers do give up a lot of their time in the service of their family.

 photo Edits19_zps23da9173.jpg

…and they also bought me the most adorable K Swiss shoes for Zumba.

I am in love.

I am thankful for the sweet monetary gifts that my family gave me.

I am most grateful for my four sweet children who made me a mother, and…

a husband who supports me in that role.


April said...

Glad you had a great Mother's Day. You do have beautiful kids. Like need to be in a catalog cute kids. LOL If you don't mind me asking....where do you get your girls' adorable hair bows? Do you make them? I am always noticing girl stuff now that I am expecting my first girl. Thanks!

Andrea Worley said...

happy mother's day! so sweet of Stella to help a hubby along! and the shoes are awesome!

KW said...

Super cute shoes, love them! I need to get back into Zumba. Once this baby gets here I will return. Happy Mother's day!

Colleen said...

LOVE that pic of you and the kids. You guys are all so photogenic. Nice surprise by your hubby and kids : )

Brunson's said...

CUTE kids and CUTE mom! You are a great mother and I look up to you a lot. I have learned a lot from you. Just so you know you touched my life for good!

Creative Cole said...

How Fun! I love being a crazy mom too! It keeps life enjoyable...and busy.
Love the shoes!

Creative Cole said...

How Fun! I love being a crazy mom too! It keeps life enjoyable...and busy.
Love the shoes!

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