Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Night

I finally made it back home to my sweet children and awesome husband.  Oh, how I missed them.  I was grateful for the tender mercies, that allowed me to share the much needed time with my sister, Ruby, my Grandma, and my family.

I made it back just in time for Halloween.  I spent all Halloween day working on the girls costumes.  Luckily, the boys picked something easy.


I had such a nice time putting these together. 

Jex was Clark Kent/Superman.


He loved this idea when I found it on Pinterest.

Isaac has been talking about being a Ninja Turtle for almost a year.


He loves Halloween.  It is one of the things that comes up in conversation often.  I think candy and super heroes have left an impressionable mark on him.

Stella 2

Stella 5

Stella was a butterfly.  I had such a fun time putting this together.  I made the tu-tu, and added some pom pom and butterflies to it.


You will be seeing these little butterflies again soon. When I finally host a little party for a little two year old.

Tess 8

Tess 3

Tess was a peacock.  This is by far my favorite costume.  I made this tu-tu with tule and feathers.  Then I added the peacock feathers to the back.  I also added some feathers to her leotard, and made her a feathery headband.


This girl rocked Halloween.  She loved every minute of it.  She thought she was hot stuff, and you could find her strutting her stuff.  She would even spin in a circle, and say trick or treat.

Here is a video of her just so you can see how adorable she looks.  I enjoyed every minute with my kids.  It was so good to be back.

Tessa on Halloween night

Here are a few trick or treat moments.




I love sharing holidays with my family. 

In case you were wondering…


We dressed up too.


Alison said...

Holy Cow! You did all that in just ONE day!? You are a super mom! Totally adorable!21

Pam said...

Thanks for sharing Halloween, they looked adorable

Lorinda said...

I was wondering if Howard came around. Ha.

Krysta said...

Your kids look adorable. You can tell they love Halloween! I am glad you are home again. I bet they were so excited to have you back!

Stella said...

Fun fun fun and I really enjoyed the video; sooooooooooooo cute. I am in awe of your photography skills!!!

KW said...

I just love Tessa, what a funny little girl. All the costumes turned out fabulous!

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