Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ruby is strong, brilliant, precious, and lovely

If you are lucky, you will have times in your life  when you get to meet someone that teaches you something amazing, or just reminds you of something important.  I was lucky enough to have that this week.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011, my sister Kristin and her husband Jared had their second baby.  Ruby June Warburton was born to loving parents who love her with all their hearts.  Ruby’s body is not whole.  She wasn’t sent here to live, grow, and learn with her parents that love her more then anything.  She was sent here to gain a body, and my sister gave her that gift.

Ruby 3

I spent a week at home with my own kids, until I was able to go and meet Ruby.  I flew out early on Tuesday morning.  I could not wait to make it to the hospital and see her.  I also couldn’t wait to give my sister and her husband, Jared a big squeeze.  I thank all those who have helped me with my own children so that I could come and meet baby Ruby.  I also appreciate all the prayers that have been offered in her behalf.

Ruby is beautiful, and all who have met her talk about her sweet spirit.   There is almost a celestial feeling as you hold her.  When you walk in to her space, you can feel just how special she is.

Ruby bw-14 

I felt so honored to be able to hold her.  The evening that I spent with her, she was so alert. She is beautiful.  I think that God sends these special children as a reminder that there really is a heaven.  A reminder that heaven is a beautiful, celestial space.  It helps me want to be a better person.  It reminds me that I want to go back to that beautiful, celestial place.

Ruby 9

My sister has also never looked more beautiful.  As I watch her, I see a peaceful, beautiful light in her face.  She has the most amazing smile that she offers often.  A smile that brings comfort to all who talk with her.  It amazes me how much comfort she has brought to me.

Ruby 5

Jared also amazes me.  His strength is powerful.  The two of them together are even stronger.  I am thankful that they have one another.

Ruby bw-19

In the days leading up to my coming to Kristin’s,  I pondered the challenges and heartache my sister , her husband Jared, and our family will face over the next weeks and months.   In all honesty, they were some of my hardest days in life.  However, even in my own home, Ruby had a way of  reminding me just how precious children are.  Children are a gift from God.  I love that Ruby taught me something.

   After Ruby’s birth, as I spent time with my children, I have been honored to see them more fully.  I can see them for what they really are; Heavenly Father’s children.  They just happen to be under my care. 

If you begin to really think about that you fully understand that we are all his children.  It helps me when I think of how much I love my children to realize that he also loves his.  This beautiful reminder has been a blessing to me this week.  It has helped sustain me in moments of pure heartache for my sister.  Because I know this, I know that he loves my sister and Jared, and will help them through all they might face.  I also know that he loves Ruby.  I also know that he wants me to love his children.

Ruby bw-15 Ruby bw- 

He wants me to take the extra time to love my own, but also to stop and love his other children.  It has been a good reminder and a challenge to me.

Ruby is helping me want to become better.  I want to love as our Heavenly Father loves.  This is a hard thing to remember at times when your patience is tested, or you feel anxious inside.

In honor of Ruby, I bought these beautiful Ruby red flowers for my doorstep.

Ruby flower 2

Aren’t they beautiful?  As beautiful as baby Ruby.

Flower 3

If you would like a copy of these pictures, please email me, and I will send you the files.

We wore red to church as a family, for Ruby.  Jonathan isn’t pictured.  He did wear red, but he was on-call and met us at church.


I also made a couple of printables to hang in my home.  The first is a scripture that I found that is a good reminder of how precious baby Ruby is.  I know she came straight from heaven.  It also reminds me of how special children are.

Ruby 1 copy

The second is just a good reminder how powerful love can be.

Moon and back copy

Click on the pictures to download

Ruby download 5x7; Love download 8x10

So today, in honor of Kristin, Jared and their special baby Ruby; I ask you to join me.  Join me by adding a red ribbon to your shirt or wear an article of red clothing to remind yourself how powerful love can be.  Then show more love and patience to those around you.  Including people you don’t know.

Today, when my sister Lindsay and I took Luke to the library(Luke is Kristin’s little boy), there was a little girl there.  I was able to read a book to her.  Lindsay did as well.  While we were doing this, I couldn’t help but think of Ruby.  I felt a certain love for this little girl that we were reading to.  A little girl that I didn’t know.  I read to her in honor of Ruby, and the love that she has reminded me of; God’s love.  I believe that we all could use the reminder to stop and love God’s children a little more.

If you choose, you may also download these printables to serve as a reminder also.

Here is what they look like, hanging in my home.

Rubies  Love to the moon frame

This scripture may help serve as a reminder to you and your children that you are all as precious as Rubies in God’s eyes.

I am thankful for baby Ruby, and that reminder.  I am also thankful for her name.  A Ruby is strong, brilliant, precious, and lovely.  It’s color is also good reminder of love.

Ruby June Warburton, we love you.



Leila said...

Thanks for this post. I have tears running down my face, so this might be a messy comment. How I love your sister. She lived here a short time, but she left her mark on San Diego. We love and miss her dearly. And, we love little Ruby. Your photos are beautiful as is your entire family.

Beth Curtis said...

my heart goes out to your sister and your family. Thank you for the reminder of our sweet spirits we get to raise. So heart breaking.

Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

I too am sitting with tears running down my face, while doing a breathing treatment...Thank you for your precious words...I have been sick since the end of September and was diagnosed with pneumonia this week, it has been an emotional week for me, in realizing I couldn't be a mom to my children and trying to avoid a hospital stay...I absolutely went to tears when I saw the beautiful picture of her Ruby's hand in her reminded me of a close and dear friend back home who was blessed with a sweet spirit whose body was not strong enough to stay on this earth...I am sooo very grateful that your sister and family have had these special moments with Ruby, they are miracles in and of themselves! Thank you for the reminder of how precious my own children are, it is soo easy to take the little things for granted in this hectic and busy world, that we need moments like this to put our perspectives back in line...I am sorry that your sister has many difficult struggles that lay ahead, but am grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who sent wonderful sisters and family like you and yours to share your love and compassion strength and time when it is really needed! I pray each day has a little miracle of love, laughter, and Christ's endless light of hope in each of your sister's days ahead as well as yours...this life is precious and our children are each a miracle of the life our Loving Heavenly Father has blessed us all with...You caught me at an emotional time, but I thank you again for the sweet reminder of the beauty one life can have on many! I have the perfect shirt to wear tomorrow as a beautiful reminder of your precious and beautiful niece **Ruby Jane!!! Thank you...

Fords said...

I haven't been fortunate enough to meet Ruby, but even 400 miles away, I can feel her sweet spirit. She has reitterated to me, as she has reminded you, what a precious and amazing gift our children are. How grateful I am for eternal families. Ruby is certainly a precious gift from God.

Krysta said...

I am glad that you are there for Kristin, her family and Ruby right now. Your pictures are amazing and I know they will be treasured forever. I can feel Kristin and Jared's strength through the photos. That alone was comforting to me and brought tears to my eyes. Just to know that they have struggles ahead of them, but being able to feel how strong they are and how much they have grown by this experience already is proof that Heavenly Father's love is real and that he is all knowing. When things happen that we don't understand all we can do is turn to Him and have faith. Kristin and Jared and you have been great examples of that. I know that this has been so hard for you, but you are much stronger than you think you are because you are aware of Gods love.

I love you!

ChicChat said...

That is such a sweet tribute to Ruby, your sister and brother-in-law, and to your children. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. I love being a mother!

Marji said...

The pictures are beautiful and I'm sure they will be treasured by your family. Thanks for the reminder to hold our children close.

Andrea @ The Worley House said...

what a beautiful post, and such amazing reminders to treasure love, and to be strong. your family is so blessed!

Darlene said...

What a beautiful baby Ruby is! I am keeping her and your family in my prayers and will look at her pictures often. xo

Lorinda said...

I'm sorry to hear of Kristin's struggle, but thankful for the lessons you are learning and sharing with us. Thinking of you.

julie said...

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and yet sad post. My heart reaches out to you all and so do my prayers.

Abby said...

I've been watching Kristin's blog and facebook for updates. Thanks so much for posting this. The photos are perfect and I love that you are honoring Ruby in so many ways. We are praying for Kristin and her family every day.

Tate, Jody, Jocelyn, and Tyler said...

Thank you for your thoughts and amazing words about the arrival of little Ruby to this world. Kristin is definitely blessed to have a sister like you by her side. I appreciate your reminders and for sharing these photos with all of us.
Jody (friend of Kristin)

Michelle said...

Congratulations on this beautiful addition to your eternal family! Ruby is so lovely and precious, and I am so glad that you got these amazing photos. Your sister and your family will treasure them forever.
We've been praying hard for you all. Oh, how I ache for your sister in the days ahead, but what an incredible honor it is to be the mother of one too perfect to stay.

Kristin said...

I am a friend of Kristin and Jared's from their ward in Orem. This is a beautiful post, and by the end of reading it, tears were and are running down my face. What a beautiful tribute to your niece.

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