Monday, September 26, 2011

House Tour {Dining Room}

THIS is my favorite room.  For the most part, this room always stays clean. (Probably the reason I love it.) The only time it gets dirty is at dinner time, and this is a mess that I actually enjoy seeing.  Dinner time mess means that we are all together enjoying a meal around the table.

Dining Room 3

You may remember last year when my husband and Krysta’s husband, Casey put up the board and batten for me.  This made me love the room even more.  You can go here to see the before and after.


I love that I can use the shelves to display some of my dishes.  The black and white dishes are the actual dishes that I use in my kitchen.  They go so well in this room.  I picked up the rest at the Goodwill.

Dining Room 2

My black table happens to be something that I picked up on Craig’s list a few years back.  It also came with the bench. The bench is made out of a old head board, and has so much character.  It is one of my favorite purchases.  I recently sanded it down and started over with the paint.  I painted it black again, but it just needed a fresh start.  Once I finished it, I added this vinyl word.

Eat 3 

It makes such a statement.  You will notice it isn’t in all the pictures.  That is because I took some of these pictures before the table re-do.

Eat 4

My friend Marji cut this out for me on her silhouette.  It makes such a statement.  The statement is for my children.  Notice the period?  That means, YES!! you must eat it all.

Most everything in my home is done on a budget.  I rarely splurge on anything.  The table & bench happened to be a great deal at $100.  I always think it is fun to hear about what people save and splurge on.  So… I am going to tell you where I spend, and where I save.

Here is an up close and personal of what I have on the table.


I made these plate stands out of $ store glass candlesticks, and plates from the goodwill.  A very cheap version of candlestick holders, but I love them.


The centerpiece is a bowl that I found in an antique store for $5.  I added the white glass vase from the Goodwill for $3, and then some sticks from my backyard that I spray painted silver.  I love my table centerpiece and it cost me next to nothing.


Sitting on the shelf behind my table are silhouettes of each of my kids. I made them myself with black paper, and bought the frames 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby. They actually need to be redone since they are over a year old, and Tess was like 6 months old.  My favorite detail, is their name under each silhouette.


I just printed it on white paper using this free font.

I also have my book wreath hanging on this wall, which is still probably my favorite project I have ever made.


All it cost me was about $4.00 and a lot of time.

Plates 3

Off in the corner is this awesome chair that came from a antique store.  I paid $30 for it which is a steal.  I love the butter yellow color.  This pillow is one I made.


I love this black table, that I scored at a yard sale for $2.  I had to paint it black, but it just finishes off this corner for me.


It is home to a few of my vintage cameras, and my favorite book about mothering.


The lamp, was a splurge. Probably the only splurge in the room. I usually splurge on lamps.  The reason being that I love the quiet light that lamps put off.  I rarely have overhead lights on, and I believe a good lamp grounds the room.  I paid quite a bit for this over 3  years ago, and I still love it.  If I decide to move it, changing the lamp shades will be an easy fix.


I also have one of my favorite pictures hanging on the wall.  I actually printed it as a 12x12 and mounted it on 12x12 box made out of wood.  That way it sticks out from the wall some, and has some dimension.  I painted the edges of the wood black. All this cost me was the cost of the print.

  I love this photograph so much. Because photography is such a huge part of my life, I think it is important to hang some of my favorite prints.  This pictures symbolizes Jex’s baptism which is a significant event in our family.


And now you have seen my favorite room in my house.

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Colleen said...

I love it! Especially your table and the board and batten. I am very intrigued by the photo on the box thing. Interesting way to get that canvas look

Alison said...

Beautiful!! So classy!

Lindsey Jensen said...

You always inspire me!! I love this room and all of the little details! I definitely want to do a picture like that!!

MySweetCreations said...

LOVE the table and the white woodwork on the walls! Lovely!

Whitney said...

I love that your doing this! I hope you get to show us the whole house! I'm so intrigued!

Stella said...

What I love about this post is that you have added your signature to this room in a wonderful way. It's amazing to see what you created with a limited budget. I know; it's easy to decorate and furnish a room if you have a fortune to spend. But I love this much much more. It's personalised in a wonderful way. A touch of class and elegance and most important; you added some gorgeous pieces about things or occassions that you love and that matter to you and your family. I think you did a fabulous job!

Marji said...

The eat on the table looks great, i love your dining room too :) it is such a fun room.

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous! Could you please, please share the warm brown paint color in here, it is so perfect! I can see why this is your favorite room:)

katie@tulsadetails said...

You have such great taste! I cannot wait to see more rooms!

Andrea said...

The paint is hopsack by KWAL

Beth Curtis said...

mmmmmm I love that room too. All the details are wonderful! I am so jealous of your chair! I want to steal it!

Tara said...

Oh, Andrea, this is fun. :) I love seeing your house! I have a question, though -- you always have pretty stuff on your table. Do you move it every night @ dinner time??? Or do you eat around it?? Just curious.

Krysta said...

That is one of my favorite rooms too. The vinyl eat is perfect! I love finishing touches like that.

Candice said...

It's so very pretty!!

Eileen said...

Oh how I love all your vintage, yard sale, DI, Goodwill, Craigslist, bargain buys! You rock!!!

Eileen said...

PS Can I have your vintage cameras? For reals.

KW said...

I like the vinyl Eat. on the table, it is a great addition. I can't ever find steals like that little table around here. You inspired me to do board and batten in our old place, oh well I guess that will have to wait.

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