Friday, September 23, 2011

House Tour {Entry Way}

If you can really call it an entry way…


This is the small space as you walk in our home that I have made in to our Entry Way.  I actually love this little area.

This table was free.  When a friend moved she left it behind, and I snatched it up.  I would love to paint it a color, but I am so nervous because it is an antique.

I love the reflection in the mirror of my dining room.  It is one of my favorite parts.


This little table is home to a few pictures, and my favorite pear that I picked up at an antique store.  Those are antique keys in that vintage dish.

Here is what I recently added to this table:


These little bitties are a part of my owl collection.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love owls?


I also think old books make such a statement.  I have them stashed all over the house.

I also have scentsy warmer plugged in here so that my house smells YUMMY when you walk in.

In the corner of our entry way, I used to have a basket for shoes.  Until I found this little beauty at a thrift shop.


I love having exciting items in my house that you just don’t find anywhere.  It is so fun to be a little eclectic in decorating.

  It makes our shoes look so much nicer.  I never thought I would display shoes, but I have learned to never say never.


I picked up this trunk at an antique store.  It is one of my favorite purchases.  It always has magazines stacked on top, and guess what… it has toys inside.  Tess loves to open this up, and see what there is to play with.

The rug came from IKEA.

…and there you have it.


Our Entry Way.


Marji said...

I love the shoe carousel-I need to find one of those instead of my basket that always gets dumped out! I've never noticed the cute little owls on the table.

Krysta said...

Adorable! I am drooling over the shoe organizer. Definitely one of a kind and it totally makes the space. I love how whimsy it is! Your owls are so cute.

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