Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Merry Christmas to Me.

All I want for Christmas is:

Board and Batten in my dining room.

I reminded Jonathan that my Christmas gift will not fit in my stocking this year.

Casey asked what I wanted and he thought it would be the perfect project to tackle while he was here.

While Jonathan worked in the morning, Casey got started.

I helped him lay out how I wanted it to look.

We used masking tape to lay it all out.

Then he went to Lowe’s and bought all the lumber.

Soon after he got started, Jonathan arrived and they got to work putting it all up. 

They are a great team.  This is one of many projects they have done together.

Once it was up, we all pitched in and got it painted.  I woke up with my room looking like this:

WHole table cr

…and went to bed with my room looking like this:

Board and Batten cr

Well not exactly like this.

We did have to wait for the paint to dry, but it gave Krysta and I the perfect excuse to do some redecorating.

Board and Batten4 cr

I love that we were able to redecorate with everything I already had.

I love this room.

plates cr

I really wanted the shelf in here.  It is my favorite part.  it was Krysta’s idea to put plates on it.

It feels so Pottery Barn to me.  I also love all the small simple touches of Christmas in here.

Board and Batten 2

This is the room I spend most of my time in.

Board andbatten2 cr

This is where I park my laptop, do homework with my kids, and feed them meals.

I am glad I had already decided to put my tree in this room.  I love it here now even more.

Board and Batten3 cr

I love sitting in here with the nice crisp white walls.  It makes the room so much brighter.

Just in time for Christmas morning pictures.

Thank you Jonathan and Casey for making my Christmas dreams come true.

Keep reading for more about our Thanksgiving visit with the Moes family.



Beth Curtis said...

I love it SO much! It is such a beautiful room! Great job boys!

Andrea said...

Oh, I love it so much. I'm dying to do this to our space someday where we're in a home of our own again. Swoon.... you did a great job, it looks amazing!

Marji & Jim said...

I love it! It looks AMAZING!!!

Amy said...

I love your tree with the family photos! Such a great idea.

Simply Domestic said...

It looks so great! I love how you decorate. Your house always looks wonderful!

Just A Girl said...

I REALLY like thr frames on the tree...Fabulous

Dave and Lindsay said...

That looks so beautiful!! I love it!

Tara said...

So beautiful! You do such a great job with your home, Andrea - always have. I'm so glad you got some good time in with your 'bestie.' :) Always makes for good times!

KW said...

Looks great. I have seen that done before and love the way it looks. Now if only I had a formal dining room...

Krysta said...

I am still jealous of this room. It is my all time favorite. I still can't believe that we knocked that out in 24 hours. Casey and Jonathan did a great job Merry Christmas! I love that we could be a part of that.

oopsiemaizie said...

i love your blog. you have such a lovely home. i really enjoy seeing what you are creating, cooking and decorating.... love, love, love the tree with the family photos on it... i have so many frames that i take down so that holiday things can go up.. what a wonderful way to be able to still view the photos and create an awesome tree : )

Pam said...

Luv luv luv it!! so cute

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