Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So much… so little.

I have so much to blog about and…

so little time.

I keep this blog for one reason only.


I blog to remember. I blog to reflect. I blog to release.

I need to find a little more time for that.  I am trying to remember to keep things simple with my blog.

This year I have made the commitment to reflect on the holidays a little more.  I plan to share that on my 365 blog this whole month.  It will include a picture and a reflection.  I am making no promises that I will get to it each day, but I will record something for every day this month. 

I also want to get back to “What I have learned.” 

As I recently went back and read through some of my posts those were among my favorites.  They were also the posts that taught me something as I went back through them. They reminded me of how blessed I am.  How loved and cared for by our Heavenly Father we are, and how he finds a way to meet our needs.

In order to keep things simple, I am going to try and catch up.  That may be cause for several posts today, or over the next few days.  So please keep reading.  The posts don’t stop here.

They will include:

What I have learned.

Holiday decorating

My Christmas Gift

What’s on the menu?

and Thanksgiving with my Bestie.

Don’t forget to check out Project 365 where I reflect on the holidays and what they mean to me.



Jasons girls said...

Dear Sweet, Amazing Andrea !! I miss you too ! I am always checking in on your blog and then I (I know i am being silly) am stunned by what you get done and I look around my house and think what do I do? I am so completely floored at your projects and your pictures !! We all could learn a thing or two from you.
This has been a really hard year for me. Jason is never here, so I am getting through each day, just wish I had more energy and more motavation.

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