Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hoping they like to record their memories too.

For Christmas, I gave my kids everything they needed to make their own scrapbook of our Disneyland trip.

 photo Christmas2014-0432_zpsdf8226fc.jpg

I thought it would be one of those gifts that they opened and threw to the side, like a new pair of socks or a new pair of underwear.

 photo Christmas2014-0433_zpsa6ab70c9.jpg

I was pleasantly surprised when they looked through their boxes of goodies for about 30 minutes and went through each and every item.  The loved looking at the pictures I had printed. 

 photo Christmas2014-0435_zps3ad7a634.jpg

I loved hearing them talk about all the memories.

 photo Christmas2014-0445_zps868a4f18.jpg

This was an important gift for me to give to them.  Y’all know how I feel about recording memories, and I want to pass that passion along to my children.

I know deep in my heart that everything I love isn’t always going to rub off onto my kiddos.

I do, however, feel very strongly about keeping records, and I want them to grow to feel the same way.

For some of the kids, it might take years…

(clear my throat) child #1 and #4.

But… when they are adults and look back on this, they just might appreciate the little nudge I gave them.

Recording your thoughts about important events and moments in your life can be so rewarding for others who cross your path.

We have lots of ways that we record thoughts in our home; smash journals and individual journals between mom and child.

I thought this little Disneyland scrapbook might be a way to get them excited about photos.  Also documenting one event in your life is the easiest way to get started, because there is an ending to it.  Recording about our life in general necessarily doesn’t end right away.

I found these awesome books by fancy pants designs, and knew they would be perfect.

 photo Disney books 3_zps0spnnd1p.jpg

 photo Disney books 4_zpsigocs1z0.jpg

They have pages for writing.

 photo Disney books 5_zpsoas3zbqz.jpg

They have sleeves for pictures, and sleeves for journal cards.

 photo Disney books 12_zps64ytmywr.jpg

 photo Disney books 8_zpsftuk3pud.jpg

They also have some adorable pockets inside, which are perfect for ticket stubs or maps.

 photo disney books-0664_zpsavczyhpn.jpg

We are also going to include all of their Disney characters autographs in to this book, and there is lots of room for that.

 photo Disney books 1_zpsa7tdimsv.jpg 

We plan to put them next to photos of them with the character.

I also found some great journaling cards that went along well with the Disney theme. (this website has some adorable ones that I might just have to buy)

 photo disney books-0642_zpsiw08mkhp.jpg

To make it easy for the kids, I keep all the Scrapbook goodies tucked away in this cute armoire.

 photo Disney books 14_zpsaawbjfpk.jpg


  photo Disney books 15_zpsp4pupiom.jpg

It’s easy to work on because of this awesome table we have in the basement, which happens to be right next to the armoire.

family room-0302

The kids Disney journal goodies are also kept in this nice box.  It makes it easy to find.

 photo disney books-0675_zpsx1gw4tjn.jpg

I have separated their own photos and journal cards into their own little bags, and placed them in this box.

 photo Disney books 17_zpssa9tujvk.jpg

I know that when I organize things, the kids are much more likely to follow through with the project. 

We have spent a few Sundays working on these books.

 photo DisneylandBooks-0195_zps3f34b191.jpg

It has been a great Sunday activity.

 photo DisneylandBooks-0192_zpsd3b0dcdd.jpg

It was important to me that Tessa’s book was written in her own handwriting, and her own language.

 photo DisneylandBooks-0209_zps16b15a50.jpg

It was easy for her to tell me what she wanted to say.

 photo DisneylandBooks-0201_zps9a2628f8.jpg

I would then write it on an index card and she would copy it into her book.

 photo disney books-0648_zps6xbrgylz.jpg

Isn’t this just the most adorable thing you have ever seen?

 photo DisneylandBooks-0206_zpsad750700.jpg

I can’t wait to see what their books look like when they get them all finished.

 photo disney books-0650_zpsxrodrq4w.jpg

Also included in the book is a picture of a few of the treasures they picked out in Disneyland.


The kids had a great time doing pin-trading, so I took a picture of all of their pins so they could put that in their book as a reminder.


I hope I can continue to keep them interested in this little project.

I hope that my love for words and photos can rub off on them just a little.

 photo DisneylandBooks-0196_zpsa43db02b.jpg

Lets be honest, it is going to take work getting my 12 year old boy to keep going with this.

 photo DisneylandBooks-0205_zps3050be0a.jpg

I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going, and how the books are looking.

 photo DisneylandBooks-0197_zps614f777e.jpg

…And now, I must say, I’m ready to go back to Disney.

Maybe that should be my bribe, “you finish the book, you can go back to Disneyland.”

It’s important to know about bribery when your a mom.  Am I right? :)


Leslie Posey said...

Kennedy and Grayson would love these. .they are always "bored"!! Especially on sundays! This would be something fun for them to do this summer. Kennedy loves crafting! !

KW said...

Wow, I'm impressed. This would just turn into a, mom, can you just do this for me? project. They will love it when they are finished! And yes I'm ready to go back to disney!!

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