Friday, May 9, 2014


I am sure many of you have heard of SMASH journals. 

I think they are called SMASH because you “Smash” as much info and fun as you can into one book.

Many people use them as a scrapbook.

 photo ParkCity16of29_zps396ef838.jpg

I decided to start one to fill with all my thoughts and everything I learned while I was going through the “trial of my health” this winter. (that’s what I call it; the trail of my health/winter 2014) (hee. hee.)

 photo SmashJournals-0004_zpsb1094d44.jpg

The truth is we all have times in our life that are harder then others.  It’s these times when if we listen; God teaches us something.

 photo SmashJournals-0005_zpsb19902fa.jpg

I learned so much from friends who sent me thoughts, scriptures, quotes, talks, and books to read while I was flat on my back.

 photo SmashJournals-0007_zps2d2a6e56.jpg

I read and read, and was so uplifted.  I didn’t want to forget what I had learned and what I had been through.

 photo SmashJournals-0006_zpsf865a81d.jpg

A smash journal was the perfect place to stick it all.

…and now I have a place to stick all my favorite little thoughts and things life teaches me.

Life is one continual learning process, and if your brain is as forgetful as mine; its good to have somewhere to store what we learn.

 photo SmashJournals-0009_zpsfef23f56.jpg

I also love going back to read my SMASH.  It helps me recognize all I have been given even when life seems hard.

The best part about the whole thing is a Smash journal is something your whole family can do.

This winter, we went to Park City to take the kids skiing.  I was still so sick.  The doctors were not sure what was wrong with me yet, so I spent my time in the hotel while they played.

I took the Smash journal stuff along; and grabbed a cheap book from the Michaels $ spot for each of the kids.

 photo SmashJournals-0027_zpseff7c234.jpg

(Tessa’s front cover complete with Barbie Sticker)

I hoped they would want to start one to.

It was the perfect hotel activity.

 photo ParkCitycollage_zpsbd43ee4c.jpg

Would you like to make one to?

What you need:

Smash journals for everyone.  It can be the real deal like mine(found at Michael’s)

 photo SmashJournals-0001_zps7cf48340.jpg

or the cheap version like my kids(also found at Michaels.)

 photo SmashJournals-0028_zpsfad17b3f.jpg

The kids had fun decorating the front of their journal too.

I also picked up a handy carrying case to carry around all the fun trinkets we would use.

 photo SmashJournals-0011_zpsc7cb16c5.jpg

What we found makes it fun:

washi tape

 photo SmashJournals-0013_zpse5fc5f96.jpg

colored pens

 photo SmashJournals-0014_zpsb9f681db.jpg

project life cards(these make it so easy to quickly write up what your thinking, and then all you have to do is washi tape it in your journal)

 photo SmashJournals-0021_zps830bcb48.jpg


 photo SmashJournals-0016_zps0ebdc242.jpg

and stickers

 photo SmashJournals-0015_zps817f1c07.jpg

I also like to have a little extra bin with ribbon to add some sha-bang.

 photo SmashJournals-0018_zps34a3161e.jpg

I am so thankful I got my kids involved.

It’s the little things like this that make me smile.

 photo SmashJournals-0022_zpsae34112f.jpg


The words that they put in their journal.

 photo SmashJournals-0023_zps7cb51fa6.jpg


The words that are important to them.

 photo SmashJournals-0024_zpsac5d978c.jpg

(Tess with Stella’s help)

Stella even helped Tess with her words.

 photo SmashJournals-0025_zps7562d6e9.jpg


…and sometimes Tess writes her own words.

 photo SmashJournals-0026_zpsdcf4142a.jpg


…and sometimes Tess makes a nifty fold-down flap for her words.

 photo SmashJournals-0030_zpsf783f032.jpg


Everyone needs a place to put what fills up their head.

 photo SmashJournals-0031_zpsed73f8ba.jpg


Take the time to record life, and “SMASH” it somewhere important.


Marji Jim Anderson said...

such a cute idea! I'll have to steal it for the summer. I love that Stella put it isn't fun to share a room with Tessa, that is hilarious! Glad you are blogging more and feeling better. It always makes me happy to see your blog in my reader.

Leslie Posey said...

Kennedy would love a smash journal. .The only problem would be she would use all of the stickers, ribbon and anything else..she just doesn't know when to stop! She is my little hoarder! I might just have to try it to see how it goes!! I'm also glad to see you blogging more...I need to do better considering it's almost been a year!! Oops

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