Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Life is changing…

Every week, I think I am going to have time to blog a couple 2 or 3 times.  Remember when I had time for that?

Then my week takes off and I don’t have the time. 

Life is a changing… my kids are keeping my sooo busy.

I am actually speaking at a church event tonight about the importance of journaling.

This might be the push I need to get back here more often; I feel like I am saying this too often.  I just need to make the time.

I am a true believer in the importance of keeping a journal.

Here is what my journal would say today:

May 7, 2014

Today is a rainy, rainy day.  It is a gloomy yucky day.

I bought myself this hydrangea for Mother’s Day.

 photo Flowers-0956_zps2b113e5b.jpg

It helps on a rainy day.

 photo Flowers-0957_zpsc9996097.jpg

I am looking forward to planting some flowers in my yard.

Jonathan spent all day Monday working in the yard.

I spent all day painting the house.

House projects never seem to end.

I’m not complaining.  I am grateful to have a house and projects to fill my days.

My two oldest kids are sick today.  I had a busy day planned but, when your kids get sick your day automatically changes. 

I’m kind of grateful for the chance to slow down.

I can’t stop smiling about the cutest opera I attended last week.

Isaac shared the leading role of Mr. Duck with 3 other boys.

  photo IsaacsOpera-0946_zpsd1c5d6aa.jpg

My favorite part about the opera was that it was written by these cute little Kindergartners. 

I laughed at the story they came up with of animals wanting to use the Duck’s pond to play volleyball. 

Kindergartners writing an opera; what a brilliant idea!

If we all looked at the world as innocently as children; how beautiful life would be.

 photo IsaacsOpera-0929_zpsd1120e56.jpg

I am thankful for good teachers who put so much love into teaching my children.

Baseball season is in full swing at our house.

Jex started a few months ago playing in an accelerated league; and now his games have begun.

 photo JexsfirstBlueSoxGamebw-0748_zpsc3f27d24.jpg

These photos are from his first game.

Jex also started his city league this week and will have a practice or a game almost every night during the week.

 photo JexsfirstBlueSoxGame-0753bw_zps5d8b1d4b.jpg

Isaac is also playing city league; and this mister:

 photo JexsfirstBlueSoxGame-0797_zpsf0f00b49.jpg

plays his first game with the big team in the valley; the Smithfield Blue Sox.

Jex’s accelerated team is also called the Blue Sox.

 photo JexsfirstBlueSoxGame-0762_zpsb4a5a14a.jpg

Thankfully, I can support Jex and Jonathan in the same t-shirt.

 photo edits19_zpse5ad6c01.jpg

When it’s baseball season, we all enjoy going to the games as a family.

 photo JexsfirstBlueSoxGame-0784_zps1d1a9069.jpg

Well, Stella puts up with it.

 photo JexsfirstBlueSoxGame-0770_zpscc84ac33.jpg

I love baseball season. 

There is no place I would rather be than at the ballpark.

…and that’s what I am thinking about today.


Leslie Posey said...

I miss being able to go to a ball game and watch jex..and then yall hanging out after practices. I miss you guys tons! ! I hope you find more time to blog bc I love reading them and I look forward to it!!

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