Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Being mom again; Easter weekend

We had a great Easter Weekend.

 photo EasterWeekend2014-0841_zps7383d805.jpg

It was a time of great satisfaction for me; I actually felt like a real mom again.

I am feeling great, and that allowed me to do what I love as a mom:

Uphold traditions.

So here are the photos of all the Easter traditions that I share every year here on JandA&Co.

Only, everyone is just one year older. 

..and a little bit cuter.  I think they get cuter and cuter every day.

…but that’s just my opinion.

Easter Traditions/Swenson Style:

Buying 5 dozen eggs

 photo EasterWeekend2014-0811_zps51d63810.jpg

To color:

 photo EasterWeekend2014_zps745c9023.jpg

and dye:

 photo EasterWeekend2014-001_zps5a03ceac.jpg

A traditional hunt with Candy and a few surprises(like dates with mom and dad):

 photo EasterWeekend2014-003_zps3257ed22.jpg

Our 3rd annual Glow in the Dark hunt:

 photo EasterWeekend2014-002_zps50198590.jpg

…and at last but not least the Easter attire:

 photo framedeasterpic2_zps2ac821f7.jpg

We hope your Easter was a wonderful time spent with family and loved ones.

 photo Framedringaround_zps18ff7b04.jpg

It was for me.  It was a wonderful reminder of why I love being a mom.


KW said...

The outfits turned out so cute! Looks like a great time.

JK Creates said...

Beautiful pictures and I am so glad to hear that you are feeling much better!
God Bless!

Marji Jim Anderson said...

so glad that you are feeling better and could do Easter! I can't believe how big Isaac and Tessa look!!

Marji Jim Anderson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michelle said...

I'm with Marji - Tess and Isaac look way more grown up all of a sudden! I loved reading about your Easter traditions and am so happy that you are feeling up to more of a normal routine. Yay!

Stella said...

I am so9 happy to hear that you are feeling better and enjoying being a mom. It has been a long time and you dealt with serious health issues. I am so happy for you. The photos are lovely+ your children are beautiful anbd growing up way too fast....
Sending a hug; thinking of you often....

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