Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Photo Dump

It’s time to dump my camera and iphone again.

Here is what the Swenson household has been up too:

 photo IMG_4144_zpsfd1a436c.jpg

I took Stella to see Thriller by Odyssey Dance Theater.

 photo IMG_4155_zps5614cb67.jpg

This girl creeped us out some; her eyes are just freaky.

We celebrated Ruby’s 2nd Birthday:

 photo IMG_4118_zpsd04b6dbc.jpg

 photo Rubysbirthday1of6_zpsb9bbd09b.jpg

Ruby Breakfast

 photo Rubysbirthday5of6_zpse34c6687.jpg

Morning scripture study

 photo Rubysbirthday6of6_zps502b5105.jpg

We made sure to read this Ruby scripture

 photo Rubysbirthday3of6_zpsa5e4b268.jpg

(Jex forgot where the camera was; there must have been a cute girl walking by)

Sporting our red for Ruby   photo Rubysbirthday4of6_zpsffb23585.jpg

Go team Ruby!!

We had lots of visitors this week.

 photo Lesliesvisit4of4_zps884e914d.jpg

My friend Leslie came to visit from Alabama.

 photo Lesliesvisit3of4_zpsfe488450.jpg

This is her baby girl Emma with my kids.  My niece Norah is in the middle.  She stayed with us for 5 days while her parents were away.

My mom, sisters, nieces and nephews came for weekend.  I don’t have one.single.picture of us together.  There I go again forgetting to use my camera again.  I guess we were just having too much fun.

 photo IMG_4053_zpsded67049.jpg

I do however have a picture of the Fazookie that we had for lunch… (what does this say about me; that food is more important then people?)

 photo IMG_4181_zps54b2a774.jpg

…and some pictures of Tess at the jump zone that we took all the kids too.

 photo Octobermisc_zps4035d2fe.jpg

Tess is intrigued with her scriptures and pretends to read them.  It is soo cute.

 photo DaddyDaughterDate-0090_zpscb598cef.jpg

I made 90 sugar cookies for our church daddy-daughter date.

 photo DaddyDaughterDate-0095_zpsfcce03d0.jpg

Dr. Nerdy and Rockin’ Stella on their date.

 photo IMG_4189_zps97c655f6.jpg

I spent an evening getting ready for Tessa’s birthday.

Stay tuned; more to come about the little 4 year old soon.


ika sulaika said...

all of your daughter and son have a beautiful eyes
hye im malaysian

Colleen said...

love the father daughter picture. your tribute to ruby was beautiful!! love the breakfast and scripture ideas as well.

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