Monday, October 28, 2013

Don’t grow up.

October 22nd was a beautiful day in our home; but for me it was bittersweet.  I spent a good part of the day holding back the tears.  I must say that the tears were happy and sad.

It nearly broke my heart to think that my baby was another year older.  Yet I was so happy to spend the day with such a beautiful, happy, lovely little four year old.

 photo Tessas4thBirthday-0018_zps01fa546f.jpg

We had a great day, and a beautiful person to celebrate.

We started the day with our breakfast in bed ritual.

 photo Tessas4thBirthday1_zps5f8271bb.jpg

She didn’t eat any breakfast.

Do you love how my kids just wear the most random things to bed?  We don’t believe in traditional pj’s around here I guess.

She opened a few gifts in the morning.

 photo Tessas4thBirthday1-001_zps1eab4eda.jpg

She was thrilled to get this darling little baby. 

 photo Tessas4thBirthday-0042_zps91f31428.jpg

She loves baby dolls; and has carried baby Bria around since.

 photo Tessas4thBirthday-0044_zps70443cfa.jpg

Then we spent the morning counting down the minutes until Isaac went to school.

Little miss could not wait to go get her ears pierced.

We went to lunch first at her favorite little spot: chick-fil-a.  We met her cousins there so it was a fun little lunch date for her.

After our yummy chicken, we went to the mall and she sat her little bottom in the chair with her brave face on.

She was ready to get those ears pierced.

 photo Tessas4thBirthday-0020_zps78dc3dca.jpg

I was nervous that she was going to freak out.

 photo Tessas4thBirthday-0023_zps8655c529.jpg

She just jumped a little and never made a peep or shed a tear. You can see in the picture below that the earring just went through.  Her eyes have tensed up a little.

 photo Tessas4thBirthday-0024_zps07ea71f5.jpg

She picked out some adorable little hello kitty earrings.

 photo Tessas4thBirthday-0025_zpsa50060f9.jpg

We also left the store with some fake fingernails that she just had to have.

 photo Tessas4thBirthday-0029_zpsc891aa2d.jpg

My favorite memories of the day include all the hugs and kisses she gave me, and the thanks she offered for all that she got to do that day.

At one point, after seeing the house decorated for her big day she said, “mom this looks so beautiful down here.”

She also never quit smiling after she got her ears pierced.  It was something she really wanted to do.

Tessa Mae is the sweetest little girl.

 photo Tessas4thBirthday-0053_zps58821329.jpg

We ended the night with pizza for dinner because she loves it; and it’s what we had time for.

 photo Tessas4thBirthday1-004_zpsaaec641f.jpg

The important part wasn’t the meal; it was the time we spent together.

We each went around the table telling Tessa something that we loved about her.

It was unanimous and we all agreed that we love the happiness that she brings in to our home.

 photo Tessas4thBirthday1-005_zpsbe0f5bf9.jpg

She enjoyed popping her balloons and seeing how much money was inside.

 photo Tessas4thBirthday-0049_zpse901ec01.jpg

And then it was time for cake…

 photo Tessas4thBirthday-0048_zps0f5015d3.jpg

or cupcakes for that matter.

Tess requested pink for her cake so I kept it simple.

She smiled all the way through the Happy Birthday Song… photo Tessas4thBirthday1-002_zps05306125.jpg

…and then licked the frosting off her cupcake in typical Tessa Mae fashion.

 photo Tessas4thBirthday-0077_zps96f93796.jpg

We also made some cute party hat cookies for her to take to preschool the next day.

 photo Tessas4thBirthday-0050_zps944280c6.jpg

We ended the night frosting Halloween sugar cookies.  This has become a birthday tradition.

 photo Tessas4thBirthday-0080_zps91541232.jpg

We love to decorate cookies for Halloween, and Tessa’s birthday seems like some great party entertainment.

 photo Tessas4thBirthday1-003_zps5e9d0cbb.jpg

This year they decorated the cookies and we decided that they would take the cookies to their teachers. 

It was a fun night that ended with them doing something kind for someone who serves them everyday.

Tess went to sleep with a smile on her face and…

she woke up with that same sweet smile.

 photo Tessas4thBirthday-0016_zpsbae6c2a1.jpg

What I love about my baby girl:

1.  She has a way of making me feel calm.  Even as a baby she had a way of soothing my heart when it was troubled.  I think she does this with her love.  She has love for everyone.

2.  Tessa Mae loves to laugh. She will laugh about anything.  She is so good about bringing the smile and laughter in to our home.

3.  She is always happy and kind.  The other night she fell asleep in the car.  As I carried her in the house, I worried about waking her and putting her pj’s on.  My other kids would be so grumpy about this.  I did it anyway and put them on.  When I was finished she looked at me with a big smile and said, “thank you.”  Then she rolled over and went to sleep.

4. Tess loves to snuggle.  It is the thing that brings her the most happiness.

5.  She is also learning to be independent.  She likes to do things on her own and I am very proud of her and the little person she is growing up to be.

I also wanted to write down these 2 funny things she has said recently.

1.  She was carrying around one of her babies.  She brought it in to me and said, “I need to feed my baby.”  She sat down and laid the baby on her lap.  She then said, “I am going to feed her like Kristin and Lindsay feed their babies; it is called nursing.”  I couldn’t help but laugh at the next words out of her mouth, “you just lay your baby on your lap and do nothing, that’s how you nurse your baby.”  

Oh Tess I want to eat you up.

2.  “Mom, when I grow up and have babies you will be the Nanny.”  I said, “yes, I will be your babies’ Nanny.”  (Nanny is what my kids call their grandma.) Then Tess said, “ok, so when I am the mom you will have to go live in Nanny’s house because that is where Nanny’s live and then I can live in this house.”  I said, “no, this will be my house and you will get a new one.”  “but… I don’t know how to buy a house.” she said with genuine tears brewing in her eyes.  I said, “I can help you when it’s time to buy your own house.”  Then she said, “no, I think I would rather just live with you forever anyways.”  “ok.  Tess.  You can live with me forever.”

We love you very much baby girl.  I know you are 4 now, but will you promise to always be my baby girl?

 photo Tessas4thBirthday-0010_zps92e73117.jpg

oh… and promise me…

You won’t grow up.


Marji Jim Anderson said...

Looks like a lovely birthday for Tessa! I can't believe how grown up she looks. Tell her Marji loves her and misses her! Leslie is coming in a couple of weeks so maybe you and Tessa should come too :) Hugs!!

happy_wife said...

Live with you forever anyways?? Oh, my that is too sweet. I would have lost it then and there. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

She is so adorable!! You always do such a wonderful job at making your children feel so loved and special on their Birthday's, with all the little and big things you do! I love that! You have such a beautiful family!!! I am so very happy for you and yours!!!

valerie said...

andrea I love the photos of your sweet Tessa...the black and white one...with the! what lens are you using, and what editing software if you don't mid my asking???Any help or resources would be so appreciated! hugs

Pam said...

She is such a cutie! Thanks for sharing her big day with pictures!

KW said...

I'm dying at the nursing comment! SO funny! You are right she is the sweetest little girl, so very kind!

Ritu said...

I have been reading your blog for over 4 years now. I remember the posts of Tessa as a baby. I can't believe how fast she has grown up from being a baby to a little girl! As her mom, I can only imagine how you want time to slow down! Keep blogging and taking pictures - I love seeing life through your eyes!!

katie@tulsadetails said...

She had gotten so big! It made me want to cry thinking about my little girl turning a year older. Sniff! You really have the most amazing birthdays for your kids! They will remember them forever! Love your kitchen too! It's beautiful! Xo!

Andrea Worley said...

Beautiful birthday girl! I love that you ALWAYS make birthdays such a great thing in your home!

I know how you feel, my daughter turns 4 in just 5 months. I can't handle it.

Amanda B said...

oh how very sweet and a happy birthday to you dear tessa, you are so adorable. Enjoy this gorgeous age. love from sunny australia xx

Alison Woods said...

Beautiful girl, beautiful day!

KB said...

Melt my heart with her comment about just living forever with you. AH! So sweet! She's a cutie and seems so genuinely sweet. Lucky mamma!

Colleen said...

happy birthday to your sweet girl! beautiful pictures.

Brunson's said...

She is so beautiful Andrea! I can't believe how big she is. I hope you guys are well. I haven't been in blog world forever.

Michelle said...

What a fun birthday! She looks so grown up, I can't believe it. And ears pierced! That is awesome. I bet it's actually easier on them at that age than when I did it (at age 12 and very needle phobic :).
Thank you so, so much for the sweet package, Andrea. I can't wait to get that beautiful picture on our wall, and I absolutely love the footprints charm. You are the best!

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