Friday, September 13, 2013

Meeting others.

Often times when you move into a new neighborhood, you are greeted with treats and goodies from kind neighbors.

We had a lot of that going on here in this awesome neighborhood that I may or may not have deemed “Zion.”

Along with goodies, neighbors offered to watch kids so that I could unpack boxes.

I am thankful for the goodness of others.

As a way to say thank you, and to meet some of our new neighbors; we also took around a little treat.

 photo DSC_0255_zpsbd7dcba2.jpg

(homemade strawberry jam)

It was a nice way to meet people, and say “we are glad to be here.”

My advice to those of you who may be moving.

Don’t sit around and wait for others to come and meet you; get out there and introduce yourself.

It can make all the difference in a move.

Take it from the girl who has moved, oh about 10 times, in the last 9 years.


Colleen said...

you are just too sweet!!! I bet people loved receiving that!

KW said...

Way cute idea. Do you want to give me some strawberry jam so I can give it to my neighbors? Ha!

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