Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A summer of NEW.

New State.


New Town.

New House.

 photo DSC_0363_zpsb4761840.jpg

New Church.

New School.

 photo FirstDayofSchool_zps08203648.jpg

 photo FirstDayofSchool-001_zps7e657df7.jpg

 photo FirstDayofSchool-004_zps9a641f8e.jpg

New Friends.

 photo FirstDayofSchool-002_zpsc40a3d09.jpg

New Job.

New Routine.

 photo FirstDayofSchool-003_zps34d02dba.jpg

We have all adjusted to the “New” around here.

We are all settling in, and have fell in love with the “New.”

So much so, that I find myself counting my many blessings each and every day.

Counting my blessings to live in Utah.

Realizing what a beautiful and truly unique place this is to live.

Something I would not have realized unless I moved away from it.

I am so thankful to be permanently settled here in Utah.

I am thankful to recognize God’s love for me through the beauty that is in the earth.

For the beauty of the earth…

 photo LoganScenery-0086_zpsa445abc1.jpg

For the beauty of the skies…

 photo LoganScenery-0073_zps67104e77.jpg

Lord of all to these we raise…

 photo LoganScenery-0138_zps871bf26a.jpg

this our hymn of grateful praise.

 photo LoganScenery-0133_zps7145fba5.jpg

Logan Temple

(another of our many blessings; is to once again live near a temple)

Thanks to a loving Heavenly Father who blesses my life and shows me he loves me in so many ways.



Sami Seibert said...

your pictures are just beautiful!!!

Simply Domestic said...

I'm so glad you are adjusting to your new home! Your kids look so grown!

KW said...

We are glad you are back too :)

Colleen said...

I bet your family feels the same way. what a gorgeous place to be. Your pictures are gorgeous!

Our Little Hatch Family !!! said...

Your beautiful children are getting so big! Beautiful photo's! I am so glad you are blogging again I always love checking in! I am so glad you are getting settled and feel so welcome in your new neighborhood! I think we will be moving back to Arizona, Art only applied to AZ, and PA but we are banking on AZ!! Your home is GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see more!! Good luck in all your adventures this year!! Miss you gorgeous!

Pam said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful post!

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